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A True Gentleman Devilgram.png
A True Gentleman
Intimacy: Lucifer Lv. 4
Mammon Lv. 6
Card: A True Gentleman
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"The author of the le..."

Mammon comes back to the House of Lamentation after gambling away all his money. He suspects that one of the players was cheating and had accomplices and decides to find proof and make them pay double. He notices that the mail has arrived and checks if there are any letters about his debts so he can hide those from the others, but finds only one letter addressed to him. The letter was sent by Diavolo and actually has Lucifer as the second recipient. Out of curiosity, Mammon opens it.

"All the prepar..."

Mammon reads the letter and decides to pretend he has never seen it, but Lucifer spots him. Lucifer knows what the letter is as he knew Diavolo was making plans to invite them to a formal dinner party.

"But I'M the one..."

Mammon claims there must be a mistake as he doesn't understand why Diavolo would want him of all the brothers at a formal dinner party, and firmly refuses to go. Mammon claims that it's going to be a hassle and insists that Satan or Asmodeus are better suited for such an event. Lucifer admits that he doesn't want to take Mammon to such a party, but there's no choice as it was Diavolo's decision. Mammon still argues that he isn't the type to blindly obey whatever Diavolo says, Lucifer however tells him that Diavolo is the only one who ever cared about him and that this gives Mammon a great chance to grow his power and influence.

"If you put your mind..."

Lucifer convinces Mammon by explaining that he'd be publicly recognized as the number two of the demon brothers if he goes - if not, he'd give up the position to Satan or Asmodeus. Mammon agrees, expressing the responsibility might be too much for the younger brothers to handle. However, he requires some etiquette lessons which he understands and is okay with. However, Lucifer wants to start right away, which makes Mammon doubt his intentions. Suspecting Lucifer only went along with the plan to be able to train and punish him. The lessons don't go smoothly but on the night of the party, Mammon's manners are flawless. Diavolo is genuinely impressed by Lucifer's "magic" (intensive training), but Lucifer cannot guarantee what the "aftereffects" of the spell will be. Barbatos confirms that Mammon was indeed acknowledged by the guests as one of the seven great demon brothers.

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