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As an Older Brother Devilgram.png
As an Older Brother
Intimacy: Leviathan Lv. 5
Satan Lv. 3
Card: As an Older Brother
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"That's totally Satan-like."

Leviathan and MC are watching anime together in Leviathan's room. The anime is called Se7en Demons, and Leviathan tells MC that the fourth demon is a lot like Satan. However, in the anime, the fourth demon still gets along with everyone, and Leviathan wishes Satan would as well. Leviathan tells MC that it's hard to get along with Satan, and MC can decide how to comfort him. Just then, Leviathan notices that someone is at his door.

"What's wrong with Satan?"

Satan asks if he can come in and Leviathan immediately panics, thinking that Satan overheard what he just said. As Leviathan prepares to open the door, he tells MC that if he is to die, they must smash his hard drive. Through the door, Satan tells Leviathan that he'd like to ask him a favor. Leviathan realizes that Satan doesn't seem angry, and decides that it will be okay if he opens the door.

"What kind of app is it?"

Satan asks Leviathan to help him set up an app, and Leviathan gladly agrees. Leviathan helps Satan sign up for "Daily HCPD", but Satan quickly becomes angry that the usernames he tries are already taken. However, Satan eventually finds one that works, and thanks Levi for his help.

"That sounds like a scary app."

In the music room, Leviathan and MC are talking about the next Evil Genesis DEMONGELION movie when Satan walks in. Leviathan gets nervous, but Satan thanks Levi for his help, and tells him that if he has more tech issues he will come to Levi. After Satan leaves, Leviathan expresses his surprise that Satan smiled at him, and is happy that he's proven himself as a big brother. Just then Lucifer walks in and asks Leviathan if it's true that he helped Satan sign up for a service called "How to Curse a Prideful Demon! Daily Tips Delivered to Your Mailbox." Lucifer prepares to punish Leviathan, and Levi reminds MC that if he is to die, they must destroy his hard drive.

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