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Asmo, the Recluse?
Intimacy: Asmodeus Lv. 5
Card: Asmo, the Recluse?
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"You're up, attendant."

In Cocytus Hall, Solomon and MC talk about how exhausted MC is. MC recently spent two days with no sleep waiting in line with Asmodeus to buy some limited-edition makeup. Solomon thinks that out of all the brothers, MC is closest with Asmodeus. MC can agree with this or not, and then they receive a text from Beelzebub telling them that they have to come in to work.

"I'm leaving Asmo to you."

When MC arrives at the House of Lamentation, they are greeted by Beelzebub and Leviathan who tell them that Asmodeus has been hiding in his room for the last three days, which he has never done before. They explain that this has become an issue for the rest of the brothers because Satan broke the faucet in the communal bathroom. They would like to use Asmodeus's private bathroom to bathe, but Asmodeus isn't letting them in or even responding to them. This means that potentially none of the brothers will be able to clean themselves for the week it will take the faucet to be fixed. Throughout the conversation, MC can take the issue seriously or not, but either way, they're sent to deal with the issue.

"That perfume is scary!"

MC goes upstairs and finds Asmodeus's door is open, so they go inside. Asmodeus is staring at himself in the mirror and complimenting himself. Once MC diverts his attention from the mirror, he shows them a new perfume he bought. MC reads the warning label which explains that the the wearer of the perfume should spray it on themselves and then give it to the one whose affection they seek, so when the object of their affection wears the perfume, they will become captivated until the perfume wears off. MC realizes that Asmodeus has captivated himself with the perfume as he explains that he's just been spraying himself with it again every time it wears off. He offers some to MC but they refuse. Asmodeus then asks MC to leave and turns back to his reflection.

"Would you like to use the ba..."

Asmodeus continues talking to himself in the mirror, describing his favorite facial features. MC can either interrupt him right away or encourage him, but once Asmodeus realizes that MC isn't leaving, he welcomes them to look at him. MC can decide to pull Asmo away from the mirror or take away the perfume, but Asmodeus resists. As MC struggles with Asmodeus, the effect of the perfume wears off and he returns to normal, asking if MC needs something. MC can tell Asmo they missed him or that everyone else was worried about him. Asmodeus realizes that something is off since it feels like forever since he last spoke to anyone, so MC explains what happened and he thanks them for their help. He attempts to hug them, which MC can allow or not. Then, Leviathan and Beelzebub come in to check on things. The four of them discuss the recent goings-on, but Asmodeus refuses to let them use his bathroom, lest they get their ugliness all over it. Asmodeus and Leviathan proceed to argue about this and Beelzebub wonders if they would have been able to use the bath without him even knowing had they just left him in front of the mirror.

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