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Asmo Night Devilgram.png
Asmo Night
Intimacy: Lucifer Lv. 7
Leviathan Lv. 5
Asmodeus Lv. 3
Card: Asmo Night
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"I was waiting fo..."

Lucifer arrives at a bar. Asmodeus is waiting there for him - Lucifer is late. Lucifer explains that it took him some time to "persuade" Leviathan to come along - it turns out that Levi didn't want to come and hid in a closet, but Lucifer used a hellhound to sniff him out and then dragged him along in a headlock. Levi blames Asmo for the situation as it was Asmo who invited him, but Asmo is happy because he really wanted Levi to come. He offers Levi a horn of Demonus and welcomes him to Asmo Night.

"He was completely for..."

Asmodeus explains that Asmo Night is a special sort of get-together where he invites people to drink with him. He also explains that Lucifer comes each time, which Leviathan considers suspicious. His suspicion proves right as Lucifer tells him that Asmo made a huge scene at RAD that one time when Lucifer declined. Asmo confesses that he has always wanted to invite Levi but expected to be turned down so - as a person very sensitive to rejection - would hurt him. It was Lucifer who gave him a push to finally invite Levi and Levi suspects that Lucifer simply didn't want to come alone. Levi declares that he's going home after he finishes his Demonus. Lucifer reminds Asmo of a quality drink organized for the night.

"You're irritatin..."

The drink turns out to be gold Demonus, a very rare type of Demonus aged a thousand years. Asmodeus used the favor that the bartender owed him, to find one bottle of the drink. Leviathan firmly refuses to be bribed with a luxury drink though - it's just normie bragging about normie stuff for him. Asmo apologizes for sounding like a normie but Levi didn't believe that the tone was unintended. Asmo gets worried that this Asmo Night is a failure, but Lucifer points out that even getting Levi to tag along is a success. Levi plans to go back home but notices something that excites him.

"It seemed li..."

It turns out that the bar has hellfire newt syrup and immediately orders it. Lucifer and Asmodeus complain that the syrup doesn't look appealing and Levi is shocked they don't know what it is - the syrup inspired a healing potion that saved Henry's life in The Tale of the Seven Lords and is made by a newt that reincarnated into the Devildom after burning to a crisp in a fire in the human world - it is an incredibly rare occurrence and the syrup is very rare too. He urges his brothers to try it and they reluctantly do. It turns out to be very good - the more you drink the more you want. Levi is happy with the party and starts singing with Asmo. Later, both are dead drunk, so Lucifer calls Beelzebub to carry them home. He's pleased with the fact that they enjoyed themselves.

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