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Demonus is an alcoholic beverage that causes intoxication in both demons and angels, but has no effect on humans. The drink is common in the Devildom, and there are a wide variety of vintages and variations. As seen in Lesson 6-17 Hard (OM), Demonus is not the only alcoholic beverage in the Devildom.


Demonus is traditionally drunk from horns, and while this practice is still in use, it is also commonplace to serve Demonus in stemware. Because there are so many varieties of Demonus, the color of the beverage varies. However, as seen in the art for cards such as Quality Time for Two, Special Demonus, and After-Party, the most common color seems to be a pale gold.

It's possible that Demonus is a similar beverage to Champagne. In the Devilgram Let's Party, Mammon shakes a bottle of Gold Demonus until the cork pops, a common practice when celebrating with champagne. In the chat Demonus Sabers, Barbatos describes sabrage, a ceremonial method of opening a champagne bottle, when explaining a certain technique used to open a bottle of Demonus.

As mentioned in the chat Homemade Cookies 2, salty foods pair well with Demonus. The chat Demonus Gacha also mentioned a subscription box-type company known as "Demonox" that sends people random bottles of Demonus.

A (non-alcoholic) version of Demonus was made available at Mixx Garden during an Obey Me! collaboration event in 2022.

Known Varieties[edit]

  • Birthday Demonus (Birthday Bash A Bloody Iris for You)
    • A limited-edition Demonus with a variety of spices in it.
  • Blue Demonus (Pop Quiz All Aboard the S.S. Devildom!)
    • A variety of Demonus with a blue color. This type of Demonus can be seen in the unlocked card art of UR birthday cards for all seven brothers and Simeon.
  • Black Rose Demonus (Birthday Bash A Bloody Iris for You)
  • Deluxe Demonus (Devilgram A Party Just for Two)
    • A special variety of Demonus.
  • Demonus Sanguineous (Devilgram A Fanged Feast)
    • This Demonus looks and smells like real blood, and was used by Mammon in his vampire café.
  • Frozen Demonus (Devilgrams Frost Flowers for You, Hat Mischief)
    • Demonus made with crushed frost flowers. It is said this Demonus is so cold that it can turn one's lips frozen solid.
  • Gold Demonus (Devilgram Let's Party)
    • A golden-colored variety of Demonus.
  • Merry Carrot Demonus (Pop Quiz Bunny Boys At Your Service)
    • A Demonus served in horns during The Fall's "bunny boy" events. It is made with carrot syrup and served with some curled carrot as a garnish.
  • Red Demonus (Limited Item)
    • This Demonus can be served iced.
  • Sand Demonus (Devilgram Grown-Up Affairs)
    • A rare Demonus brand brewed with water from a phantom oasis in the desert. The alcohol content is very high, and drinking it makes "honeyed words tumble from one's mouth like sand."
  • Snow Demonus (Chat Lavishing Praise)
    • According to Barbatos, this is the one thing that seems to get Solomon drunk.
  • Summer Edition Demonus (Limited Item Dialogue, Siren Sea Globe)
  • Unnamed Variety 1 (Devilgram Special Demonus)
    • A Demonus so rare it's legendary. It's made by a witch that lives atop a mountain in the Devildom. Barbatos once gifted this Demonus to Diavolo.
  • Unnamed Variety 2 (Devilgram New Year's With You)
    • Demonus made by adding pickled poisonous lizard eggs and letting them ferment. It is cloudy white in color with a sweet taste.
  • Unnamed Variety 3 (Devilgram Go Beelzebub! Transform!)
  • Unnamed Variety 4 (Phone call It's a Date (Lucifer))
    • A Demonus made with lemons
  • Unnamed Variety 5 (Phone call It's a Date (Lucifer))
    • A Demonus made with black onions


Note: this section may include spoilers.

Main Story and Events[edit]

Demonus is first mentioned in the main story in Lesson 17 (OM), when Satan and Belphegor planned to prank Lucifer by adding hot sauce to his prized vintage Demonus. Unfortunately for them, he keeps said Demonus in his private study, which has a secret door in the library that is protected via enchantment. Because of this, they were unable to pull off their prank.

In Lesson 19-14 (OM), Asmodeus took MC to Hell's Kitchen and challenged them to a drinking contest. While he's never lost a drinking competition before, he and MC eventually realize that because MC is human, they are immune to the intoxicating effects of Demonus. Asmodeus is certainly not immune to said effects, however. After losing the contest, he became overly emotional, and hugged MC with tears in his eyes while asking them not to leave the Devildom, despite the exchange program soon ending.

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