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Asmo the Alluring Hero Devilgram.png
Asmo the Alluring Hero
Intimacy: Asmodeus Lv. 5
Card: Asmo the Alluring Hero
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"It's the simple jobs that matter m..."

This story takes place in an alternate universe. Asmodeus and MC arrive at the Demon Lord's Castle on a mission from their boss. Asmodeus comments that the whole "saving captured citizens" thing is a little dull for him, but MC is more enthusiastic about the situation. Just then, they receive a message from Belphegor explaining that he will act as their guide for the mission. As Asmodeus and MC move through the castle, Belphegor suddenly tells them to hide.

"Jumbo curry? I'm interested!"

Asmodeus and MC spot Beelzebub ordering some captured citizens to cook him dinner. The two attempt to save them, but before they can, they find themselves inside of a train car. Belphegor explains that the time-space continuum is distorted in that area and recommends that they be careful not to be tossed into another dimension. Then MC can decide to suggest their own plan, ask Asmodeus what to do, or ask Belphegor what to do. The three end up agreeing that they should trail some enemies. Just then, some goons show up and Asmodeus prepares his special move. He succeeds in hypnotizing them and orders them to show them where the hostages are being held.

"Some conclusive lines would..."

MC and Asmodeus are brought to another section of the train. Asmodeus thanks the goons for their help and then proceeds to knock them out. Unfortunately, the room the two want to go into is locked. MC can choose to open the door or encourage Asmodeus. It turns out that the door was set up with a freezing trap, but fortunately only one of them gets stuck and the other is able to help them out. However, due to the commotion, they realize that some enemies are on their way over and prepare for a fight.

"Mammon, you really were after the..."

As Asmodeus and MC fight the bad guys, Mammon shows up. Asmodeus asks him if he's here to help, but Mammon claims he's just looking for stuff to sell. Asmodeus calls Mammon a bad liar, and Mammon leaps into action. The three are able to win the fight, but after figuring out that the only valuables on the train are curry ingredients, Mammon tries to leave. However, Belphegor stops him and points out that the bad guys are enthusiastically cheering on Asmodeus as he poses for them. Later that night, Asmodeus and MC meet up together. Asmodeus is happy that his new fans released the hostages. If MC expresses jealousy, Asmodeus asks them if he can prove that they are special to him with a kiss.

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