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Belphie Goes to C.S.! Devilgram.png
Belphie Goes to C.S.!
Intimacy: Belphegor Lv. 7
Card: Belphie Goes to C.S.!
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10

Story Summary

"Can you really buy sweets a..."

Belphegor, Beelzebub, Leviathan, and MC are waiting in line at Comic Séance. Beelzebub notices that there is a large crowd coming their way and Leviathan realizes that they're about to get separated. Belphegor is swept away in the crowd but before Beelzebub can rescue him, Leviathan grabs onto Beelzebub so the two of them won't get separated. This means it's up to MC to collect Belphegor. Leviathan tells MC to meet him and Beelzebub at Curse C 42-A after they get Belphegor back. Belphegor and MC find each other and make their way towards Curse C 42-A.

"Look at that crowd."

Belphegor and MC wander around looking for the booth they're supposed to meet Leviathan and Beelzebub at. As they walk, they discuss the crowd and then they spot Leviathan. Leviathan has been separated from Beelzebub but he thinks Beelzebub will be okay. Then Leviathan gives Belphegor a Ruri-chan cosplay. Belphegor protests but Leviathan insists that Belphegor had already agreed to it when he asked him earlier. Leviathan tells Belphegor and MC that he's going to go buy some things which means they're in charge of the booth. MC can decide if they want to encourage Belphegor to wear the cosplay or not but even if they insist, Belphegor is only willing to wear the hat.

"I wonder if there are items..."

People stop by the booth to buy some of Leviathan's manga and Belphegor tells MC about how bored he is. He looks through the manga but doesn't understand it. MC can tell Belphegor that he has to watch the anime to get it or tell him that they think it's interesting. Belphegor decides that he's going to draw something. MC can tell him to draw Ruri-chan or recommend against drawing. Just then, Leviathan returns. He gets upset that Belphegor isn't wearing cosplay or watching the booth. MC stands up for Belphegor and Leviathan relents, saying that now it's Beelzebub's turn to watch the booth. Belphegor tells MC that they should take their break somewhere quiet.

"I want to collect a bunch of..."

Belphegor cannot find a quiet spot but notices a Fiend Slayer booth, which is a manga that Mammon and Leviathan both like. They decide to check out the booth and Belphegor buys a keychain. MC can choose if they want to have a matching one or not. Eventually Belphegor tells MC that they have to leave the event if they want peace and quiet. He takes them to a nearby park and falls asleep on one of the benches. MC watches over him and when Belphegor wakes up, he and MC decide if they should head back or not. If they do head back, Belphegor asks if they can hold hands, but if they stay out, MC can ask Belphegor for a kiss.

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