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Beware of the Zombie Devilgram.png
Beware of the Zombie
Intimacy: Belphegor Lv. 5
Card: Beware of the Zombie
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"Real...or fake?"

Mammon and Lucifer argue about if the house is haunted due to ice cream having vanished before their eyes. Asmo thinks that a ghost stealing ice cream sounds adorable, so Mammon asks Belphie for his opinion. Belphie says that it had to be a ghost, then asks MC about their input. MC can either agree or disagree. If they agree, Belphie is happy that they are on the same wavelength. Satan agrees that it's pretty unexplainable, so Lucifer decides to find the ghost and seal it in a vase. Mammon makes a game out of it, but Belphie complains that it's a hassle. MC can either get excited about catching it or ask if they can't just leave it. Belphie admits that he's also curious, but doesn't know how to lure a ghost. MC can either propose using bait or suggest pretending to be ghosts themselves.

"I don't have a good feeling abo..."

After doing some research in the library, Belphie asks MC what they should dress up as. MC can either say "nothing" or propose being Dracula. If being Dracula is chosen, Belphie reminds MC that Dracula isn't a ghost. Belphie then says that the reading is tiring to him and asks MC if he can lie on their lap for a bit. MC can decline or agree to that. If they agree, he happily lays down, saying that it feels so good that he's starting to get sleepy. MC can propose to fall asleep together, or remind him not to fall asleep. Either way, Belphie notices a book about Jiangshi — a Chinese zombie — and chooses it, deciding to ask Levi for some appropriate outfits.

"I ain't afraid!!!"

Unfortunately, Levi only has an outfit for MC. Belphie is a bit disappointed, but decides he will make one for himself. Then he compliments MC, saying that they look great as a Jiangshi. MC can either thank him or ask him if that was supposed to be a compliment. For the latter option, Belphie says that it was a compliment. For the former, he says that MC looks good in anything, but that if Jiangshi were good-looking then they wouldn't be very scary. If MC asks him if he wants to get attacked, Belphie agrees, saying MC should give it a try. If MC says the remark was mean, Belphie states he only said that because he knows it's MC. They search the whole house, not finding the ghost. Belphie wonders if it sees through their disguises. Then they hear a voice, talking about the whereabouts of the ghost...

"Interesting outfit."

The voice belongs to Mammon. Belphie decides to hide, then jump out to scare him. He notes that their hiding place is a bit small, telling MC to squeeze closer or else Mammon will notice them. After MC complies, Belphie blushes, saying that their lips are almost touching. MC can either kiss him, or tell him it's not the time to fool around. Mammon and Asmo approach, and Belphie asks MC if they are ready. MC can either confirm or tell him they want to stay like this instead. If they jump out, Mammon screams and runs away, while Asmo just greets them calmly. If the second option is chosen, Belphie seems surprised. Asmo and Mammon pass by, and Belphie is disappointed they blew their chances of getting the scare. However, he says that instead of looking for the ghost, he'd rather spend some time alone with MC.

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