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This page lists all wiki pages on The Obey Me Wiki that have information added that is missing a specified source.

Below is an except from the wiki's Manual of Style that explains sources and how they should be added.


When adding any information to articles on the wiki, be sure to always reference the source, be it Lesson, Chat, Devilgram, etc. If you have information that the wiki is missing, but don't remember the source, be sure to add {{No Source}} at the end of the unsourced sentence you write.

To differentiate between lessons in Obey Me! and lessons in Nightbringer, please add either (OM) or (NB) respectively to the end of referenced lesson numbers. As explained in the Manual of Style's Links section, both (OM) and (NB) should be written as a link the first time they are used in a section.


As mentioned by Belphegor in Lesson 37-1 (OM), Lucifer is prone to having headaches, which he frequently blames on having to deal with his brothers' antics.
In the chat Ticket Stubs 1, Lucifer claimed that he does not hold onto his ticket stubs after an event.


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