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Crack a Smile, Belphie! Devilgram.png
Crack a Smile, Belphie!
Intimacy: Belphegor Lv. 7
Card: Crack a Smile, Belphie!
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10

Story Summary

"You feel better when you laugh!"

In his room, Belphegor shows MC some photo albums. The photos are from their trip to Diavolo's private beach and from the summer festival. Belphegor comments that MC is smiling in all of them. Belphegor is not smiling in the photos, however. It isn't that he wasn't having fun, but Belphegor explains that he wants to exert as little energy as possible, which means smiling is not a priority for him. MC wants to take a photo of Belphegor smiling or laughing. He asks how they will accomplish this task because, unlike Satan, Belphegor isn't good at faking a smile.

"Now you mention it, Levi's"

Belphegor and MC decide to watch some funny videos on DevilTube. MC can choose whether or not to recommend a video, but whatever video they end up watching makes Belphegor giggle a little. MC is able to flirt with Belphegor or not, but in the end, they decide to try another strategy. MC tries making funny faces, which makes Belphegor chuckle but mostly, he just finds MC cute. This means they need to come up with another plan.

"Where's the rest of your comment?"

MC brings Beelzebub in from the kitchen to help with their plan. Beelzebub tries tickling Belphegor but it doesn't make him laugh. Beelzebub then asks Belphegor if he remembers a certain incident from several centuries ago. Some time ago, Beelzebub was trying to eat popcorn in bed, but he opened the bag with too much force and the popcorn flew everywhere. Fortunately, Beelzebub was able to move fast enough to eat all the pieces before they fell on the floor. Belphegor found it really funny how desperate Beelzebub was. They decide to try recreating the moment, but Belphegor doesn't laugh this time.

"Character limit, I guess?"

In the attic, Belphegor tells MC that it's probably best if they just give up but MC refuses. Belphegor decides that he'll try fake-laughing to see if he'll start laughing for real. MC backs up to get a good angle but they accidentally bump into a shelf. Belphegor comes over to check on them, but MC is okay. Belphegor then notices that a pillow he thought he had lost is sitting on MC's head. This makes Belphegor laugh and MC can choose whether or not to take a photo. However, even if they try, the picture comes out blurry. Belphegor tries to help MC up but they both end up falling onto the bed. MC can decide to get up or kiss Belphegor. If they get up, they talk with Belphegor about how they'll end up getting a photo eventually, but if they kiss him, Belphegor comments on MC's radiant smile and says he wants to take a picture of them.

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