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Demons Catch Colds -! Devilgram.png
Demons Catch Colds?!
Intimacy: Asmodeus Lv. 5
Card: Demons Catch Colds?!
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"What's wrong, Asmodeus?"

The brothers are leaving for a party at the Demon Lord's Castle is about to start soon, but Asmodeus, who is usually first to party, isn't ready yet. Leviathan notices that Asmo seems to be feeling unwell and others agree Asmo is out of it. Depending on choice, Levi or MC check Asmo's forehead just to find that Asmo is running a fever.

"Id you eat some meat, it'll..."

Lucifer suspects a Devildom cold, which is very similar to human common cold. Since it's rarely serious and passes after a day or two, Asmo needs to stay home and rest, but he doesn't want to stay home alone. MC stays with him then, either on their own decision or because he keeps whining until it's settled.

"It weirds me out seeing par..."

In his room, Asmo is trying to flirt with MC, but is feeling too unwell to keep it up and lies down on the bed. He hasn't had a cold in a long while so he has forgotten how it feels so he complains that he's feeling icky and starts making requests, one more specific than the other, to which MC can accuse him of faking or just agree. He however admits he's too tired to keep flirting.

"Don't give it to anyone."

As Asmo is struggling with his fever, MC takes care of him. He doesn't want them to go anywhere and asks them to stay with him. He requests that they hold his hand and then nods off. MC falls asleep by his side too. They wake up the next day in his bed and as they freak out, he explains he noticed that they dozed off and laid them to bed. He also expresses that he wanted to kiss them because they looked adorable, but they woke up. They can either request the kiss or note that he seems to have recovered. He confirms that he's feeling better thanks to MC's caretaking, but if they want to get up, he claims he's getting his fever back and they need to stay with him in bed.

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