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This page lists all chats in Obey Me! sent to MC by Diavolo. For phone calls from Diavolo, see Diavolo's Calls.

Story Chats[edit source]

Title Media Requirements
Hello (Diavolo) Lesson 1-2
You Never Forget Your First 2 Lesson 22-19
The Miserable Hero Lesson 48-9
An Invitation From Diavolo 1-2 Lesson 55-1
Thank You Lesson 56-18
A Present From Diavolo A Gift From Diavolo Devilgram
Barbatos's Holiday 4 Happy Birthday! Dear Barbatos '21 2-12
For Our Dear Diavolo! 1 Happy Birthday! Dear Diavolo '22 1-3

Daily Chats[edit source]

Note: days listed are approximate and may vary

Title Media Day Number
Lord Diavolo's Fast Food Adventure Day 193
Medical Check-Up Day 204
An Unexpected Request Day 209
Diavolo's Natural Enemy Day 225
Limited Time Only Day 286
A Time For Healing Day 299
Behind the Demon Lord's Castle Day 313
A Whimsical Cat Day 322
A Small Break Day 340
Let's Go Cycling! Day 351
School in the Human World Day 365
Let's Go Shopping Day 375
Lord Diavolo and the Hair Iron Day 386
Regular Check-in Day 396
Postcard Day 425
Exhaustion Day 441
A Picnic Mood Day 457
Couples Discount! Day 477
The Best Types of Tea Day 490
Please Teach Me Day 498
Specially for You Day 517
Diavolo's Privileges Day 525
To Each Their Own Day 528
Envious Day 550
ABC Word Chain 5 Day 568
First Supermarket Trip Day 589
Diavolo's Tea Party Proposal 1 Day 605
Made with Love Day 619
What's the Rush? Day 636
Spirit Week: Planning Day 644
Spirit Week 3 Day 662
An Adorable Plushie 3 Day 703
Unable to Fall Asleep Day 721
Where Are They Now? Day 731
A Novel Tea Party 1 Day 766
Early to Bed, Early to Rise Day 792
Incognito Day 816
Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder Day 836
Tea Ceremony Workshop Day 873
Snacks on Standby Day 878
Only One Truth!CG 1 Day 918
Invitation to Moryo Town Day 926
A New Game 1 Day 941
Tea Time 2 Day 954
Photos Everywhere Day 986
Weeding Is Therapeutic 1 Day 990
Who Is It? 8 Day 1,013
Diavolo the Guest Judge Day 1,038
Popcorn Day 1,054
Cooking Class 2 Day 1,079
Reading Habits 2 Day 1,118
Ketchup Art Day 1,135
Wakeup Shakeup 1 Day 1,156
Wakeup Shakeup 2 Day 1,158
Wakeup Shakeup 4 Day 1,163
Travel Booking Websites Day 1,175
Guilty Pleasure 1 Day 1,184
Guilty Pleasure 2 Day 1,197
Diavolo the Plant 1CG 1 Day 1,204
Understandably Disappointed Day 1,211
Leisure for Two 2 Day 1,219
Wakeup Shakeup Again 1 Day 1,223

Card Chats[edit source]

Title Media Requirements
Do me a favor. Lucifer's Melancholy
Tea Party Welcome to the Tea Party
The Tasting Party The Secret Dish
A Wonderful Time It's Lonely Being Me
Gift Giving His Highness Unwinds
The Real Diavolo Concealed in Color
Can't Sleep Without You A Royal Pajama Party
With You Now and Forever My Best Self
The Aftermath A Gothic Party
Try, Try Again It's a Scream!
A Night With You After-Party
A Delectable Soul Diavolo's Special Someone
All for You I Send My Love to You
This Year's Itinerary! Diavolo, at Your Service!
What's Our Next Destination? The Highlight of the Trip
A Dark and Difficult Past Together Into the Abyss
Diavolo's Boyish Dream To the Aquarium World!
One More Round! Super Cyber Spies!
What You Mean to Me Catch the Phantom Thief!
Impatiently Waiting for Season Three Diavolo the Otaku
The Portrait: Epilogue A Unique Gift
Convincing Barbatos I Give Myself to You
An Open Discussion A Princely Escort
The Future of Abyss Crimson Bees A Sweet Adventure for Two
Prank Results Our Big Surprise
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