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A Gift From Diavolo Devilgram.png
A Gift From Diavolo
Intimacy: Lucifer Lv. 5
Card: A Gift From Diavolo
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"Lord Diavolo coming to others..."

Lucifer and MC are enjoying a walk home together from RAD, as Lucifer had been able to finish all his student council work for the day. MC then gets a text from Diavolo asking them to come to the Demon Lord's Castle, and once there, Diavolo tells them he wants to give Lucifer a birthday present. However, he doesn't want the present to be from a store, because Lucifer will get gifts like that from others. He also doesn't want to just plan some activity, because he and Lucifer have so many memories together that it "wouldn't be novel anymore." Instead, he wants MC to find out what Lucifer would want as a present from him.

"Go and eat something delici..."

MC visits Lucifer in his room at the House of Lamentation, and asks him what he would want as a birthday present from Diavolo. He struggles to think of something at first, but then asks MC for a favor. He'd like all three of them - MC, Diavolo, and himself - to go out together, and wants MC to set that up for them. MC asks either where Lucifer wants to go or what he wants to do, but either way, Lucifer says it doesn't matter. He wants to leave those decisions up to MC.

"Expect to get lectured afterw..."

Lucifer, Diavolo, and MC go out shopping, where Diavolo points out a jacket he thinks would look good on Lucifer. When Lucifer says it seems like a jacket Diavolo would like, Diavolo agrees, and says he'd enjoy seeing Lucifer wear something he'd picked for him. MC either agrees the jacket would look good on Lucifer, or says it would look good on Diavolo. If the latter, Diavolo wants to buy two jackets so he and Lucifer match, which is an idea Lucifer refuses.

Later at Café Lament, Diavolo orders his drink with "a heaping helping of whipped cream." When Lucifer questions him, Diavolo says he can't normally order extra whipped cream, because Barbatos would scold him. He asks if Lucifer has ever tried extra whipped cream on his drink, and when he says no, insists he try it. Lucifer begrudgingly agrees, and Diavolo also insists MC try their drink this way.

"Such an interesting riddle."

Diavolo enjoys the extra whipped cream on his drink, while Lucifer complains at how sweet his drink is. Diavolo then asks why Lucifer hasn't asked for anything special for his birthday, and points out they're just doing what they normally do. Lucifer says that's why he likes it, and Diavolo is confused. He then asks if what Lucifer wants is for Diavolo to be by his side not for special reasons, but because that's normal for them.

Lucifer says that's correct, but also that the same goes for MC as well. If MC says they suspected this, Diavolo asks why MC didn't tell him earlier. Lucifer then says it's important that Diavolo figured this out himself. Either way, Diavolo realizes that figuring out a special, yet not special birthday present to get Lucifer is now a difficult puzzle, and Lucifer tells him to take as long as he wants solving it.

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