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Gotta Get That Plushie!
Intimacy: Leviathan Lv. 5
Card: Gotta Get That Plushie!
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8

Story Summary

"What a waste of money."

Levi's dramatically sighing in the main room of the House of Lamentation. MC can ask him what's wrong, or comment that sighing drives the happiness away. Levi's very excited if MC cares, and immediately sucks the air up if MC says the latter. Levi then explains that a limited edition Ruri-chan plushie with bunny ears is going on sale but he didn't manage to get even a single one. MC can say that it's too bad or ask him if he's giving up. Levi doesn't give up yet though - he plans on entering lottery draws in stores and asks MC if they want to come with him. If MC is unwilling, he offers to pay for their meal in exchange.

"This thing is limited edition?"

MC and Levi run from one store to another all day long. Levi comments that he would go through hell and high water for Ruri-chan, then immediately corrects himself that he would also do the same for MC. He then goes on a rant about the anime tied to the plushie, to what MC can either put a stop to it or comment that the plushie really means a lot to him.

"The rarer it is, the more peo..."

The results are out. MC can joke that they won, or just say that they didn't... They check the other stores but they lose in almost all of them too, leaving only one to check. Levi feels hopeless so MC can either tell him that the game isn't over yet or to cheer up. Levi's mood either improves, remembering that manga taught him not to give up, or give up completely and just check up the last store, though he is still thankful for trying to cheer him up.

"Are there any sweets?"

Levi feels extremely anxious and asks MC to check the results for him. MC can either agree reluctantly or tell him that he needs to do it for himself... It turns out that they won! Levi is ecstatic and shows off the plushie to MC, asking them to take a photo of him and the plushie. MC can either ask him if he's that happy or expresses their happiness for him. If they say they're happy for him, Levi says that it's all thanks to MC as they're his lucky charm. At the gates of the House of Lamentation, Levi still marvels at the plushie, saying that he could look at it forever. MC can say that it's gross or tell him that he's cute. Levi doesn't want MC to think that he's gross. He also gets shy when called cute. Levi apologies to MC for "wasting" their day running around with him. MC can either agree or tell him that they're glad to see him smile. If MC agrees, Levi's apologetic and says that he will make it up to them. If they say they're glad to see him smile, Levi says that if Levi smiling makes MC happy then he will smile as much as they want. He calls himself a loser, and MC can either again agree or tell him they like that about him. If they agree again, Levi says that he knew it but then smiles saying that this is who he is, asking MC not to give up on him yet. If MC says that they like that about him, he blushes, asking MC to close their eyes for a second, then kisses them. After that he apologizes, saying to just forget about the kiss and head home... Then Levi asks MC to hold hands.

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