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I Want to Eat Star Candy! Devilgram.png
I Want to Eat Star Candy!
Intimacy: Beelzebub Lv. 5
Card: I Want to Eat Star Candy!
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8

Story Summary

"Shall I make some star candy?"

Beelzebub is complaining about being hungry while stuffing his face. Unfortunately, his food isn't hitting the spot because he really wants star candy. He can't just buy them because they're from the Human World. Belphegor suggests he should make his own, but it would take 2 weeks and requires a special pot. Beel says he'll have to look around at stores.

"Hopefully they will be able..."

MC joins Beelzebub in his search for the candy. They start with his regular shop. The closest thing it has is star-shaped lollipops which he buys all of and gives one to MC.

"I want to go to that candy shop!"

Just as the two are getting tired, they see a store tucked away down an alley. It has a variety of candies from the Human World. Beelzebub finds the star candies, which he chalks up to good things always happening when MC is around. He buys all the star candy in the jar.

"It's good that Beel's so happy."

They go MC's room to eat the candy. Beelzebub realizes that each bag has a variety of flavors so he should slow down and appreciate them. He opens one of them too quickly and says that MC's bed looks like a constellation. Beel rearranges them into the Summer Triangle, Lyra, Aquila, and Cygnus. Aquila tastes like grapes and Lyra like strawberries. MC tries Cygnus and can simply tell him it tastes like blue raspberry. In which case, he starts arranging the Pisces constellation and says even just playing with candy is more fun with MC. They could otherwise choose to kiss and try the flavors that way.

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