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I Wish... Devilgram.png
I Wish...
Intimacy: Beelzebub Lv. 5
Card: I Wish...
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8

Story Summary

"Is he going to eat everything?"

At the Summer Festival, Beel and MC have managed to slip away from the others. Beel wants to try out everything from the foodstalls and MC can agree to do that or name something specific to eat. Afterwards MC can choose to flirt with Beel or not.

"Strawberries are so cute!"

MC and Beel find another candy apple shop and Beel want to see if they taste better than the ones from their own stall. {beel discovers that the other shop also sells candy strawberries and he wants to try them out as well. He goes to buy some of each and gives the strawberry to MC. Beel thinks their own apple candy tastes better and let MC try too. Beel also asks if he can taste the strawberry from MC and MC can choose to feed it to him or say no. Then they hear someone calling their names.

"I wish I was a billionaire!"

It's Luke. He is there together with Simeon and Solomon. They ask where the others are and Beel tells them that they all split up for the time being. Then he asks what they are carrying. Luke explains they are sky lanterns - someone can write a wish on them and then release them into the air. MC can choose to want to do that too and Beel suggests they go buy some sky lanterns for themselves after saying goodbye to Solomon, Simeon, and Luke.

"For Mammon's idiocy to..."

With the sky lanterns purchased, MC and Beel sit down to write their wishes. They try to keep it a secret from each other so they can make sure it will come true. But when they release their lanterns into the sky, MC sees a glimpse of some of Beel's wishes: "I hope MC and I can be together forever" and "I hope I can eat tons of delicious food". Beel noticed that MC saw his wishes and blushes, but MC can deny it or tell the truth. It doesn't matter to Beel, because if MC knows his wishes, they can help make them come true. MC can tell him they had the same wishes or keep it a secret. As they watch all the lanterns float up into the sky, Beel takes MC's hand to watch them until they have disappeared. He asks MC to come watch the sky lanterns again next year. If Beel's wishes come true, he is sure they will be together then.

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