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In Pursuit of Presents
Intimacy: Lucifer Lv. 4
Mammon Lv. 4
Leviathan Lv. 4
Card: In Pursuit of Presents
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10

Story Summary

"He really cares about them..."

Mammon and Leviathan start a very unnatural and clearly scripted conversation about a human custom of giving each other presents on holidays. Lucifer tells MC to ignore them. Mammon and Levi however continue and it turns out their performance was to ask Lucifer for presents. Lucifer agrees to take their suggestion under consideration, but under certain conditions.

"They should've known better."

Mammon complains about the tasks Lucifer assigned to them as the condition - Leviathan has to organise documents and Mammon has to clean Lucifer's room under MC's supervision. If MC points out that Mammon can quit, he claims that he didn't say that he didn't like it or won't do it. As he moves to Lucifer's books - unnecessary books, as he sees it - Mammon finds some money hidden between two books and tries to take it, but that's when Lucifer shows up and catches him red-handed.

"They should've known."

MC supervises Leviathan as he sorts out the documents. Levi keeps rambling how backwards it is to keep paper documents in the digital age and that there shouldn't be any physical papers to be organised at all. He complains that he has to earn the present like a quest reward instead of being given one for being a good boy like a human child. Levi believes that he's the best boy and is bored by having to sign the documents for Lucifer so he starts drawing Ruri-chan and signing as her, but this activity quickly gets discovered by Lucifer.

"That's Lucifer's way of..."

Lucifer scolds Mammon and Leviathan in his room. They complain about having been punched but he threatens to punch them again which MC chooses to cheer on or prevent. Mammon points out that after getting scolded, he cleaned up the room as expected and that Levi has taken care of the documents properly too. They both quit as they believe that Lucifer wasn't going to keep his word anyway. He stops them however, saying that he actually has presents. Their happiness is short-lived - he gives Mammon a savings box and Levi a textbook about circuitry, in spite of the fact that Levi's love for games never made him want to actually build consoles. Depending on the choice on how MC reacts to the joke-resembling presents, it turns out that Lucifer really believes he chose the best presents, which makes completely baffles and exasperates Mammon and Levi.

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