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In Search of a Smile Devilgram.png
In Search of a Smile
Intimacy: Belphegor Lv. 3
Card: In Search of a Smile
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"Come on, you should..."

Lucifer enters the music room asking for someone to help find pictures of when the brothers first came to the Devildom. He talked about it with Diavolo and he wanted to show some pictures to him. Since Levi is the only one in the room, he feels like Lucifer is not looking for "someone," but specifically for him; however Lucifer claims that it's just a coincidence. However, Lucifer leaves the search to Levi even after Levi told him where could look for the pictures himself and gave instructions on the kind of pictures he has to look for. Levi reluctantly starts searching, finding some of the pictures, but notices that none of the pictures capture Belphie well.

"I'm so photogeni..."

Levi talks to himself while looking through all the pictures that are put on the infinite drive over time. He says it's a total mess as it looks like nobody ever filed or organized anything, which makes it so much harder for him to find any good pictures. While Levi just starts making order in the chaos, Asmo, Mammon, Satan, and Beel show up, wondering what Levi is doing. They all find pictures that they find interesting, but none of the pictures Levi is supposed to look for, which is distracting him. Then Beel finds a good picture of Belphie, only he is not smiling in it.

"Who can make a sm..."

The brothers are talking about how they like to see Belphie smile, but they never managed to catch it on film up 'til now because he refuses to smile when he knows he is being watched. Beel says he would really like to see Belphie smile, so Satan decides they're all going to find a way to force a smile out of him. Later, Levi, Mammon, and Asmo all try to give Belphie presents but since the gifts suit their own interests more than his, Belphie refuses them all.

"So close..."

Beel gives Belphie a cheeseburger and asks to hang out. Belphie does that, but still doesn't smile. This worries Beel, but Belphie assures him he is actually happy. Satan decides that the only way to make Belphie smile is by force, so the brothers ambush Belphie in the dining room. While a transformed Satan is holding Belphie, the others try to tickle him. However, Belphie manages to escape without smiling. Beel texts The Demon Brothers(6) groupchat when he finds Belphie in the RAD library. All brothers go spy on him there and to their surprise they see him smiling to the librarian after she told him that his favorite manga is getting a spin-off. Levi immediately tries to catch this smile on film, but before he can, Belphie notices the camera and stops smiling.

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