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Let's Take Photos! Devilgram.png
Let's Take Photos!
Intimacy: Beelzebub Lv. 7
Card: Let's Take Photos!
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"What are ya bein' all secre..."

Mephistopheles calls out to MC in the hallway at RAD, and tells them if they don't have anything better to do, he could use their help with something. He then says Raphael is getting away, so he and MC follow him out into town. There, Beelzebub is giving Raphael a tour of his favorite food places. When MC questions what they and Mephistopheles are doing, he explains that the RAD Newspaper's next issue will include a feature on the new exchange students. He wants to follow Raphael until he can get something news-worthy about the angel. Raphael and Beelzebub then go into an arcade.

"It's your first time in an arc..."

Mephistopheles seems surprised by his surroundings, and MC learns it's his first time visiting an arcade. Just as he's commenting that he doesn't see Raphael anywhere, Raphael appears and startles him. He asks why MC and Mephistopheles are following him and what they're planning, so Mephistopheles tells him about the newspaper article. Beelzebub then comes over and tells Raphael the sticker photo booth is available, and invites Mephistopheles and MC to join them in taking sticker photos.

"There was no hamburger b..."

The group of four step into the photo booth, and Beelzebub instructs them to choose a background. Raphael tries out an underwater scene first, then Mephistopheles tries a nightclub scene, but calls it "too gaudy." The next choice is a starry sky, which everyone likes. Beelzebub then tells the other two to get closer to MC in the middle and face the camera.

MC can tell Mephistopheles his pose is a little stiff, ask Raphael to smile more, or comment that taking sticker photos is fun. For the next photo, Mephistopheles chooses a "limited time only gothic filter." This changes not only the background, but makes it seem like a skeleton is lying by Raphael's foot.

"I want to have a go too."

Once the photo booth session is done, Beelzebub tells everyone that next up is decorating the sticker photos. Mephistopheles and Raphael go first, and Mephistopheles points out the gothic filter they used changed their clothing, too. Beelzebub says they can also add makeup, which Asmodeus always does.

Later, Beelzebub hands out everyone's share of photos, and both Raphael and Mephistopheles seem like they enjoyed themselves. MC can say either they're happy they liked it, they'll treasure the photos, or tell everyone "good work." Raphael then says Mephistopheles "might get that scoop after all," and points out one of the photos that gave them all gothic dresses. He asks if that would make the front page, and an embarrassed Mephistopheles says it's "not the least bit newsworthy." Raphael then asks Mephistopheles to stop following him around, but Mephistopheles refuses, so he says he'll just slip away next time.

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