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Love, Friendship, and Justice
Intimacy: Leviathan Lv. 5
Card: Love, Friendship, and Justice
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8

Story Summary

"Stay away from Lev..."

Leviathan approaches MC in the dining room and asks if he seems like a strong and tough fighter. MC can choose to agree or disagree, but Levi admits that he doesn't look like that. He however wants to train to become as strong as Henry from The Tale of the Seven Lords who fights for love, friendship and justice. For that, Levi decides to start training. Mammon, Satan, and Asmodeus are present, and are exasperated at Levi's decision, as it is the second time that month this happened. Asmo even points out that Levi's attempts to get into shape are as regular as clockwork. Leviathan, however, claims that this time he's serious, and wants MC to help him with his training.

"What's Yesterday's Joe?"

Outside, Leviathan's first exercise is jumping rope, as it's something he saw in a manga. He appoints MC as his coach. MC's job, however, is only counting the repetitions. The exercise doesn't go well, as Levi keeps catching his feet with the jump rope and blaming the rope. He tries again and falls, which makes him give up the exercise.

"What's Dekaben?"

Leviathan comes to the conclusion it was too advanced as it required equipment (the jump rope) so he starts again with something basic - jogging. This is another starter exercise he learnt from manga, so he plans to start with 20 laps around the House of Lamentation. Levi wants MC to ride a bike next to him since according to him they won't be able to keep up otherwise, but gets exhausted and gives up before finishing the first lap.

"I KNEW this would happ..."

In his room, Leviathan complains how tired he is and how hard the exercise was - he says he has 0 HP and needs a curative item to restore his energy. He explains that he wants to get in shape to be like Henry who fights for love, friendship and justice, and for all those important to him. Henry doesn't give up even when taken prisoner - no matter if his enemy was one or many, if his opponent was much stronger. Levi strives to be like Henry even if he's reminded it's not a fully achievable goal or that it doesn't suit him. He admits that he does it to be able to protect MC too - as a human they are fragile and weak in comparison to demons and he fears that in the time of need he won't be able to save them. In the end, Levi wants to rest his head on MC's lap and falls asleep.

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