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Make It Flip! Devilgram.png
Make It Flip!
Intimacy: Simeon Lv. 7
Card: Make It Flip!
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"Isn't there way more cloth..."

Simeon goes up to MC and shows off his Bunny Boy outfit. MC can choose to say it suits him or that they can't look away. Simeon mentions having been jealous of everyone participating last year and that he's enjoying being able to participate this year. Since everyone at the House of Lamentation doesn't know that he's participating yet, he wants to have the manual memorized before the event opens to surprise them. Simeon then mentions that having MC as his first customer is all the motivation he needs and that he will work hard in order to be the best Bunny Boy around. He mentions offhandedly that he thought walking around dressed like this would be more embarrassing, but he's actually having a lot of fun. Finally, he thanks MC for being there with him.

"Isn't it because it is usually..."

Simeon mentions that he's learned about all he can from the manual. However, he asks for MC's help with one last thing. Diavolo requested that they each come up with a special performance to impress the crowd. Simeon has decided to try flairtending since he's working at a bar. Simeon asks for MC's help and brings them to the bar counter where Diavolo promised to show Simeon a demonstration. Diavolo starts with an easy trick: throwing ice cubes into the air and catching them with the shaker, flipping the bottle, and then pouring it into the shaker. Diavolo leaves Simeon to practice it, but Simeon is a little unsure, mentioning that Diavolo makes it look so easy. MC can encourage him or mention that it looks difficult. Simeon appreciates their encouragement and begins by practicing catching and throwing the shaker.

"It's hard to sleep when I'm..."

Simeon's having trouble with his routine and keeps dropping the bottle but refuses to quit until he gets it right. After a while, Simeon improves and asks for MC's thoughts, lamenting that it's harder than he thought. He moves on to throwing ice cubes and catching them and asks MC if they would like to try. MC throws the ice but misses when catching them and they fall inside their clothes. MC can panic at the cold and ask Simeon to get it out or stay calm and say that they will melt eventually. If the former, Simeon blushes and hesitates, saying he can't just shove his hands under MC's clothes and ushers MC to the back to do it themself. If the latter, Simeon mentions how tough MC is. Afterwards, he says that at least he knows one way it could go wrong and goes back to practicing.

"That's not the issue."

Simeon has finally made it through his routine. He notices everyone else went home and apologizes for keeping MC out late. However, Simeon is unsure if he can mix a good drink, so he decides to make a test drink for MC. He admits always wanting to try bartending and that he likes seeing MC sitting at his bar. MC can say they want to kiss Simeon over the counter and he kisses them. Afterwards, Simeon asks MC if they want to try something more intense and kisses them harder. He blushes and says his heart is pounding, asks if MC's is too, and admits he wants to make it beat harder. Simeon admits to feeling jealous and overprotective that MC will be giving their attention to customers because he loves them deeply. To ward off his jealousy, Simeon says he needs to feel MC as much as possible tonight.

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