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Mammon vs. Raphael?
Intimacy: Mammon Lv. 5
Barbatos Lv. 5
Card: Mammon vs. Raphael?
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10

Story Summary

"So cute, it's like a perfume..."

MC and Barbatos are out shopping together. Barbatos notices that MC is looking at potion vials. He then offers to buy MC one as thanks for accompanying him on their day off. The potion turns out to be a truth serum that can render the target unable to lie if they either touch or ingest it. MC and Barbatos then leave the shop and run into Raphael and Mammon, who are having a dispute over what Mammon is holding.

"There's no point picking it..."

Barbatos asks what the problem is, as they're both making a scene in the town centre. Raphael says that he caught Mammon hiding something in his pocket and suspects it wasn't just change he found off the street. Mammon claims that he's being framed. MC can choose to defend him. Barbatos asks Mammon to show everyone the item he picked up. It turns out to be a broken watch. Mammon wants to 'recycle' it but Raphael argues that the watch should be reported as missing. Mammon protests and says he's just following his natural demon instincts. Exasperated that this isn't going anywhere, Raphael says that either MC or Barbatos will have to pass judgement. Barbatos then asks MC what they think.

"It's suspicious, no matter h..."

Barbatos asks MC who they believe is in the right. MC can choose one of them or say neither are in the right. Mammon asks Barbatos what he thinks but he says that they should all take a break before coming to a verdict. Barbatos then invites all three back to the Demon Lord's Castle for demon apple pie and tea. On the way there, Mammon finds a broken figurine. Raphael accuses him of petty theft but Mammon says he's just cleaning up. Raphael remains unconvinced; Mammon tells him to lighten up.

"It's a common sight in the..."

At the Demon Lord's Castle, Mammon compliments Barbatos on his apple pie. Raphael says that it's delicious but that he still prefers Solomon's cooking. Mammon then asks what MC and Barbatos were up to. MC can either say they were running errands for Diavolo or that they were on a date with Barbatos. Barbatos remembers the potion he bought for MC and tries to give it to them. However, Mammon takes it instead and asks MC if he can have the bottle once they're done with it. Mammon spills some of the potion on himself, which causes him to let slip that he plans to resell the bottle because it will have good resale value. Raphael asks Mammon to clarify. Mammon then further admits to collecting items that look like junk so that they can be fixed and then resold. Raphael starts chasing after Mammon with his spear and calls him a scummy excuse for a second-born. Barbatos notes to MC that they would do well not to incur Raphael's wrath.

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