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Meet Me After School
Intimacy: Asmodeus Lv. 5
Card: Meet Me After School
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"Not suspicious AT ALL!"

Lucifer sees Asmo and MC in the classroom even though school is over. Asmo seems happy to stay in class with MC for two extra hours, but Lucifer explains to him that they've actually been given detention. Asmo, still happy about it, try to convince Lucifer that MC is also happy. If MC responds positively, Lucifer will tell them both that they have no self-respect. If MC responds negatively, Lucifer agrees with MC. After that, Asmo, tries to turn the scenario to something naughty, when Lucifer loses his patience and calls Satan over to find out why they got detention.

"They found out..."

Satan explains that the reason why MC and Asmo got detention was because they had been caught whispering in the middle of their class by their teacher. Asmo had initiated a conversation with MC and continued to talk despite MC's warnings, only stopping after Satan's warning, but it was too late as the teacher had already caught them.

"Time to start studyin'!"

Mammon expresses jealousy at how Asmo gets to have detention with MC and protests that he wants detention too. Asmo gets angry at this and retaliates by saying that they're only going to do schoolwork and that he has no impure intentions towards MC. Satan states the irony of the situation, considering Asmo is the Avatar of Lust. Belphie chimes in by telling MC to yell if Asmo tries anything on them and to not look into his eyes (despite his powers not working on MC). The rest of the brothers then head home, leaving Asmo and MC alone in the classroom.

"I didn't send any message?!"

Asmo begins talking about a roleplay scenario where he and MC had always been interested in each other but never actually dated in school, yet had both became teachers and returned to the same school only to fall in love. He admits to seeing that in one of Levi's mangas, but agrees that it's a sexy concept. Lucifer appears and interrupts, here to monitor their detention. Asmo agrees to Lucifer's stay reluctantly but hears his D.D.D ring. Satan had sent him a message about how Diavolo needed to see him, causing him to leave. Asmo then reveals to MC that he had sent the message to Lucifer and tries to seduce MC. If MC responds amorously, Asmo hints at taking things further in the classroom but if MC decides not to respond to his advances, Asmo complains and compares their stubbornness to Lucifer's.

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