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New Special Memories
Intimacy: Beelzebub Lv. 7
Card: New Special Memories
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"The right choice."

Beelzebub has asked Lucifer and Asmodeus to meet with him in Lucifer's bedroom to speak with him about something. The next morning, MC and the brothers are eating breakfast. Mammon asks MC to hang out, but Beelzebub interrupts and claims that he and MC already have plans. MC can decide whether or not to accept Beelzebub's claim, but even if they decline at first, Beelzebub manages to convince them to say yes. Beelzebub brings MC to Asmodeus's room where he shows them a wide array of clothes and makeup.

"Actin' all cool, huh?!"

Asmodeus asks MC what kind of outfit they prefer and Beelzebub compliments them on their choice once Asmodeus helps them get dressed. Afterwards, they meet with Beelzebub in the entrance hall and Beelzebub asks MC if he looks good in his suit. MC can compliment Beelzebub or ask if they can hug him, which he happily accepts. Then Beelzebub hears a car pull up outside and tells MC that he's rented them a limousine and that he will be their escort for the evening. So they take his hand, and he brings them to town. Once they get there, Beelzebub tells MC that he's nervous, and MC can respond by holding his hand, putting their arm through his, or telling him to pull it together. Once he calms down a little, Beelzebub tells MC that he would like to have dinner with them.

"Totally into it lol"

Beelzebub takes MC to Ristorante Six and explains that he's reserved the whole space just for the two of them. Lucifer comes out to bring them a bottle of Demonus and Beelzebub is surprised to see him all dressed up. Beelzebub tries to tell Lucifer that he didn't ask for all this, but Lucifer just continues his spiel before leaving. MC can either go along with it or ask Beelzebub to explain, and he will tell them that he asked Lucifer and Asmo to help him plan the night, but Lucifer being their waiter was a surprise to him too. Beelzebub and MC raise a toast and he thanks them for coming with him. Beelzebub tells MC that he had such a nice time on his birthday being able to re-experience so many happy memories, but that he also thought his past felt empty without MC being there. So his plan is to create new special memories with them now, starting with a fancy dinner date. While Beelzebub is talking, Asmodeus shows up to bring them some food and Beelzebub is surprised to see him.

"It's the finest you can get!"

MC and Beelzebub enjoy some appetizers and he tells them that this will make for such a happy memory. Lucifer and Asmodeus then bring them the main course: a huge bowl Legendary Headless Dragon Stew. Beelzebub happily eats the stew and compliments the dish. Diavolo then shows up and asks if they are enjoying themselves, noting that Beelzebub looks pretty happy. Beel is surprised to see him, and Lucifer clarifies that Diavolo reserved them the restaurant and Diavolo wishes Beel a happy birthday. Lucifer and Asmo do the same and Beelzebub thanks them. At the end of the night, Beelzebub and MC return to Beel's bedroom where Beelzebub tells them that he's always wanted to dive into bed wearing a suit. MC can dive next to Beelzebub or on top of him. If they dive on top of him, Beelzebub tells MC that he enjoyed his meal and feels full. MC can either agree with him or tell him that they want to “satisfy a different sort of hunger” to which Beelzebub will kiss them. Beelzebub will also tell MC that he wants to spend the night with them so they can eat breakfast in bed together the next morning as well as spend the rest of the day in bed, just the two of them.

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