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Our Secret Time
Intimacy: Lucifer Lv. 5
Card: Our Secret Time
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"Humans can also go t..."

In the inn room, Asmo suggests a lottery to decide who gets to sleep next to MC. Lucifer leaves them to it, as he has a separate room to himself, drawing envy from MC. Asmo, however, forbids them from escaping with him. Beel and Belphie end up getting to sleep next to the MC. Everyone then decides to hop in the outdoor bath.


Lucifer's memory-wiping curse is still in effect here, so MC doesn't remember how the brothers looked in their towels. Mammon and Satan again team up to catch a photo of Lucifer in a towel, and again their plans are discovered and foiled. Lucifer yells at them for fooling around. Later, he laments that he wanted to relax in a quiet bath, but admits that it was at least a little bit amusing. He then ushers MC back inside before the heat becomes too much.

"Wet Lucifer is best Lucifer."

After the others have fallen asleep, Levi catches MC heading back out to the baths and bids them good night. They happen to meet Lucifer outside. He wants to actually relax now that the others are sleeping and things have quieted down. He demands MC join him, then pulls them in close and teases them for turning red.

"Come to my room, I'm w..."

Lucifer asks if MC is still embarrassed; if the player chooses to say "yes," he jokes that he won't eat them. If they choose to kiss him, he's pleased by how hot the kiss is. He observes that they're starting to become lightheaded from the heat and takes them back to his room to cool off. Lucifer says that they rarely take family trips, but he did enjoy this one, and observes that as a sign that he himself has changed (thanks to MC). He then brings the late hour to attention, suggesting they head off to bed. The player can choose to return to the shared room, or stay with Lucifer, to which he says the night has only begun...

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