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Our Summer Festival Devilgram.png
Our Summer Festival
Intimacy: Belphegor Lv. 7
Card: Our Summer Festival
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"Don't go too far."

After the work during Summer Festival is finished, the brothers and MC are watching fireworks. Belphie however asks MC to go with him and the two of them slip away. Belphie explains that he wanted to be alone with MC and asks them if there's somewhere they want to go. Whether they want to grab something to eat or leave the choice to Belphie, the plan is to find the yakisoba stand.

"Mmm, yakisoba bread."

Since the area is quite crowded, Belphie and MC look for a quieter spot to relax and enjoy their food. They settle down for the nearby forest and sit down on a tree stump, but as they unpack their food, it turns out that there's only one pair of chopsticks and on top of it Belphie isn't good with chopsticks, so he wants to be fed by MC. MC chooses how to feed him - if they give him a mouthful, he chokes on the food, if a bite - MC can ask him to feed them too. After the meal, Belphie's getting sleepy.

"That's interesting."

Belphie asks MC if he can rest his head on their shoulder. He complains about the crowd - he's not feeling well in the crowds and is tired of people. If MC chose to let him rest his head on their shoulder, he asks MC to stroke his head and expresses that MC always manages to help him relax no matter how tired he is. If not, the scene moves right to him admitting that even if festivals can be fun, he feels much better in quiet places. The fireworks are over but Belphie notices a seasonal phenomenon, Orbs of Telescopic Fire, and explains it to MC: the phenomenon looks like soap bubbles floating in the air.

"Everyone is looking."

Belphie shows the orbs to MC and tells them they might see the festival venue through them, but catches them staring at him. If they compliment him that he looks handsome, it ends up in a staring contest - Belphie loses very quickly as he gets embarrassed. He looks back at the orbs and spots others there too - Barbatos and Diavolo, Solomon and the angels. Belphie recollects the festival as much more fun that he expected but is especially happy with the fact he got to spend it with MC. If MC shares the feeling, he asks for a hug. MC can decline, agree or suggest a kiss instead. Belphie notices though that his brothers are looking for them. MC can choose to go back or stay but they're found anyway. MC can choose to go back or run away with Belphie.

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