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Pandas Mean Profit!
Intimacy: Mammon Lv. 7
Card: Pandas Mean Profit!
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10

Story Summary

"Pandas are cute."

Mammon barges into MC's room to tell them about something he found while watching DevilTube: he's discovered pandas. After going on about how adorable they are, he suggests there's only one thing to do now. MC can guess to either keep one as a pet, or to make money off of them, with the latter being Mammon's idea. He also decides to make MC partner up with him for his new plan.

"At least he's conscious of wh..."

Mammon tells MC he wouldn't bring actual pandas to the Devildom, as they wouldn't survive there. Instead, he wants to make stuffed pandas that he could sell to other demons and asks MC to make the sample for him. They look up a tutorial on DevilTube, but it turns out that MC isn't good with sewing, even pricking their finger with the needle. Mammon helps them to take care of the wound, and finishes the stuffed animal. Once it's done, however, Mammon realizes it doesn't resemble a panda at all.

"He sure caught on quickly. Not."

MC can suggest trying the video again, or watching a different one, and Mammon agrees they should try other videos, like learning more about pandas first. They end up watching cute videos of the animals, and then Leviathan shows up, demanding Mammon pay back the money he borrowed. Levi then notices the video the two were watching, so they explain their idea to Levi, with Mammon telling him he can't join their operation. Levi says he doesn't even want, to and asks Mammon why he doesn't get some witches or wizards to make the stuffed pandas for them. Mammon thinks that's an amazing idea, and runs off to get them made. He returns with the stuffed pandas to show them off to MC. Meanwhile, MC also made a stuffed panda on their own.

"I also want one!"

Asmodeus runs into Mammon and MC, telling them he heard about the stuffed panda sale from Leviathan. Asmo and Mammon bicker for a while about Mammon's greed, until Mammon admits he sold the pandas at a fair price. Asmo tells Mammon he also wants a stuffed panda, and Mammon says they've all sold out. Asmo points out Mammon still has one in his room, but Mammon tells him that one isn't up for sale. Mammon brings MC back to his room, where MC can ask why Mammon didn't want to sell the panda to Asmo. Mammon explains it's because that one was made by MC. Depending on MC's reply, he'll either tell MC that they're important to him, or that he likes MC. MC then can choose to kiss or hug Mammon, or tell him they have no idea what he's talking about.

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