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Popular with the Ladies Devilgram.png
Popular with the Ladies
Intimacy: Lucifer Lv. 5
Asmodeus Lv. 5
Beelzebub Lv. 5
Card: Popular with the Ladies
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"Beel's an A-Clas..."

At a club, Asmodeus sees that a group of girls went to flirt with Beelzebub, but then points out to Lucifer that they left shortly after. Asmo asks Beel about it, who explains that the girls asked if they can sit and drink with him but he let them know where they can find open tables. Asmo is baffled that Beel didn't even notice that they were flirting with him and laments over their misfortune because if the girls approached him, he'd give them the best night ever. He isn't surprised that Beel is popular - he's his brother after all. He's heard that Belphegor also has a female following. However, Lucifer notices that not only the youngest brothers are popular.

"Everyone's so di..."

Mammon and Satan are surrounded by girls, too, and so is Leviathan who is very uncomfortable in the situation as a group of succubi tries to seduce him. Asmodeus wonders how he was even convinced to come since he normally avoids such gatherings, but Beelzebub explains that Mammon lied to him and said that it was going to be a TSL night. With how tense Levi is, he predicts he's going to hole himself up in his room for days. Lucifer suggests that Asmo should go and help Levi deal with the unwanted attention, but Asmo isn't very keen to. He notices that each of the brothers attracted a different type - but he himself, as he claims, attracts every type and has lots of love to give so he wants to give everyone an equal share. Lucifer notes that Asmo would sound like an angel if not for the context.

"I don't recall ma..."

Asmodeus asks Lucifer about his fans, but Beelzebub notices that in spite of Lucifer's tremendous popularity, no one approaches him. Asmo wonders why that is, but Beel says it's because Lucifer is only interested in Diavolo. Lucifer is offended but gets ignored as Asmo agrees with Beel that you can't pursue someone when you know their heart belongs to someone else. Beel considers it impressive though and would like to learn how to prevent people from approaching him. Lucifer tries to change the topic and asks how Beel's sports team is doing, but before Beel can finish his reply, Asmo demands them to get back to the subject of popularity among ladies.

"So this is h..."

Asmodeus asks who - in their opinion - is the most popular. Lucifer believes the numbers are quite equal, but Beelzebub thinks it's Belphegor. But Asmo disagrees, as his Devilgram account's stats prove that pictures of Beel and Lucifer gain the most likes. Lucifer and Beel are baffled by that unauthorized posting, but Asmo brushes them both off as he doesn't post anything embarrassing, and the student council needs some good PR, so he provides a bit of fanservice. He then takes a selfie with the two and posts it to prove how popular they are. The photo immediately starts getting likes and comments praising Asmo's looks. That makes Asmo come to the conclusion that the evidence shows clearly that he is the most popular. Lucifer is exasperated as Asmo likely did this all only to be able to say that, and Beel points out that because the photo was posted on Asmo's account the result was obvious.

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