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Resentment Runs Deep Devilgram.png
Resentment Runs Deep
Intimacy: Leviathan Lv. 4
Card: Resentment Runs Deep
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"No need to freak..."

As Leviathan plans to meet up with friends online, he realizes that the game disk isn't in the system. Levi also notices that the case is also missing so he decides to search the rest of the house. While Levi searches the music room, Asmodeus comes to tell Levi he's making a huge mess. Levi accuses Asmo of stealing the game and this action upsets Asmo greatly. At this moment, Lucifer walks in and orders Levi to quiet down.

"I know who did th..."

Levi starts explaining the situation to Lucifer and Asmo. Asmo asks why Levi didn't just download the games online so he couldn't lose them, but Levi explains that he likes to sell the games again after he is done playing them. Levi also likes to talk about the games he played with the people in the shop he's selling them. It's his own way of being social and it's important to him. Frustrated, Levi yells that only a monster would take something so precious from him. Lucifer tells him that there is only one demon who would do this and Satan and Asmo agree. Levi realizes they are talking about Mammon. Beel says he saw Mammon a while ago in the street where Levi's game shop is. Levi thinks Mammon is planning to sell all his games and wants to find him immediately, but it's too late: Mammon just got home.

"We all know Mamm..."

Furious, Levi runs up to Mammon asking what that shopping bag is he carries. Mammon is feigning innocence. He doesn't want to explain what it is, or how he got the money to buy it. He starts telling he bought something for Levi, but Levi is too angry to listen and transforms to attack Mammon. They start fighting, but Lucifer transforms too, to pull them apart. He says that if they want to fight, they should go to the Celestial Realm and cause destruction there. Furious and disappointed, Levi runs off and locks himself up in his room.

"I'll handle t..."

Lucifer tells Mammon that he has to clean up the mess he and Levi made. Mammon tells the others he bought a game for Levi with the money he got from selling Levi's games. It's an older game that Levi wanted to play, but because it's old, he never wanted to buy it. It was a nice gesture, were it not that Mammon sold Levi's own games to buy it. In the meantime, a still furious, transformed Levi is in his room planning revenge when he hears a voice coming from a poster of Henry telling him to forgive Mammon. The "poster" explains the situation and asks Levi for forgiveness. Then Levi realizes that it's Mammon talking behind his door. Levi opens his door and tells Mammon that even if he doesn't believe him, he will still forgive him. However, Levi tells Mammon that in order to earn his forgiveness, Mammon has to look him in the eye and apologize, as well as buy all the games back. After buying Levi's games back, Mammon is responsible for re-leveling Levi's characters and getting back to where Levi was in the games.

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