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Celestial Realm

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The Celestial Realm is one of the three worlds of Obey Me! and Nightbringer, alongside the Human World and the Devildom. It is the realm in which angels originate from, such as Simeon, Luke, and Raphael. It is also the former home of the demon brothers prior to the Great Celestial War. Generally, little is known about The Celestial Realm in regards to those who do not live there.

While presumably not part of the Celestial Realm proper, the Underworld is a location that "belongs to" and is under the jurisdiction of the Celestial Realm, as first mentioned in Lesson 36-5 (NB).

Eternal Daylight[edit]

Luke stated in Lesson 40-10 (OM) that it is constantly daylight in the Celestial Realm, even during the night. This is the polar opposite of Devildom, where it is always dark.

As told by Solomon in the Devilgram Solomon Takes the Train, there is a legend that says long ago, the sun used to shine equally on all three worlds. However, the Devildom and Celestial Realm went to war over an accusation that one side was giving the humans guidance. The war lasted hundreds of years, until both sides decided to settle things by dividing the sun and moon. When the sun illuminated the Human World in the day, angels would watch over it. When the moon illuminated the Human World at night, demons would watch over it.

Known Locations[edit]

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  • Celestial Gates (Lesson 23-1 OM)
    • The Celestial Realm's entry point. These gates open and close on their own.
  • Celestial Palace (Lesson 23-5 OM)
  • Celestial Plains (Lesson 23-5 OM)
  • Eastern District(source?)
  • Great Hall (Devilgram The Avatar of Pride)
  • Observatory (Lessons 50-A OM, 34-5 NB)
    • Located within the Celestial Palace and typically kept locked.
    • Belphegor knows of a secret entrance to get inside whenever he wants.
  • River of Reticence (Devilgram The Avatar of Envy)
    • A golden river Leviathan visited frequently when still an angel.
  • Sacred Spring (Lesson 23-7 OM)
    • located in the eastern part of the realm


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According to Satan and Simeon in Lesson 30-1 (OM), the Celestial Realm came into existence alongside the Devildom, and exists in tandem with it.



It's currently unknown who rules over the Celestial Realm. It is known that Michael is the present leader of the Celestial Realm's legion of angels, as mentioned by Barbatos in Lesson 23-5 (OM).


As explained in Lesson 38 (NB), if an individual commits a crime and is thought to pose a threat to all three worlds, the Celestial Realm, the Devildom, and the Human World have an agreement that such a person may be sealed inside Cocytus, the ninth circle of the Underworld. This imprisonment requires the consent of at least two representatives from each of the three worlds.

Angel Hierarchy[edit]

See the Angels category page.



In Lesson 6-1 (OM), Beelzebub mentions "the language of angels," meaning the Celestial Realm likely has its own language.

In the Devilgram Catch That Bunny!, Luke says "not every bed's made of angel feathers," an idiom which likely means that not everything is going to be easy.

Holidays, Events, and Festivals[edit]

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Spring Banquet

An annual party thrown in the Celestial Realm to celebrate the start of spring, which includes a big dance performance.

Devilgram The Avatar of Lust

Food and Drink[edit]

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Ambrosial Oranges

A type of orange that Luke uses annually to decorate Michael's birthday cake.

Devilgram Past Glory

Angel Pudding

A dessert that Simeon has made for Diavolo before.

Simeon's Mont Blanc of Desire Dialogues

Angelic Brownies

Both Simeon and Solomon like these brownies.

Chat Picnic Food Ideas

Celestial Maiden Camellia Jelly

A type of jelly originating from the Celestial Realm made with Celestial Maiden Camellia. It is implied that the jelly itself and/or the ingredients to make it are sold in the Devildom store seen in this chat photo.

Chat Coming Clean

Celestial Realm Apple Cream Tart

A tart of Luke's own recipe.

Lesson 23-7 (OM)

Fluffy Eggs

These eggs can be used to make dishes both savory and sweet.

Chat The Many Forms of Eggs

Golden Apple

A variety of apple that grows in the Celestial Realm.

Devilgram The Seven Apples

Hallelujah Chocolate Mousse Cake

A chocolate cake that pairs well with mint tea.

Lesson 40-10 (OM)

Ocean of Clouds Cake

A cake that is very fluffy, such that one must be careful when carrying it.

Chat Picnic Food Ideas

Pure Tea

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Birthday Event Happy Birthday! Dear Simeon


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Flora and Fauna[edit]


Celestial Maiden Camellia

A type of camellia from the Celestial Realm. Implied by the existence of Celestial Maiden Camellia Jelly.

Chat Coming Clean

Crystal Lily

A variety of lily that grows on the far edges of the Celestial Realm.

Lesson 23-A (NB)



A winged horse that can be used to pull chariots in the Celestial Realm.

Lesson 23-1 (NB)

The Angel's Trial[edit]

Note: this section may include spoilers.

As Simeon explained in Lesson 30-5 (NB), the "Angel's Trial" is a test that angels must pass before they are allowed to serve at the Celestial Palace. The only rule is that the individual must refrain from lying for one day. An incantation is spoken to magically create a bracelet for the one taking the trial to wear. If that individual lies, the bracelet will break.

It is confirmed in Lesson 30 (NB) that Mammon, Leviathan, and Luke had all passed this trial, and it is likely Lucifer had as well. If other characters have also taken this trial, it is currently unknown.

In Lesson 30-13 (NB), Simeon revealed that the true point of the Angel's Trial is to "understand the essence of a lie." Even if the individual undergoing the trial does lie, what matters is if the lie was told in order to protect others, or for selfish reasons. This means that if the bracelet is broken by the person telling a lie for the sake of another, they pass the trial.

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