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Skiing for Two
Intimacy: Leviathan Lv. 7
Card: Skiing for Two
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10

Story Summary

"Please enjoy."

MC and the demon brothers arrive at Diavolo's private ski resort created with magic. The sun and snow are all created with magic - so the snow is not cold, which MC can like or dislike. Levi complains that it's not going to be fun for an introvert like him, it's too overwhelming. MC chooses to either agree with him or reassure him. Since Belphie doesn't plan on participating either, Levi tries to talk to him to stay together as fellow introverts but Belphie is offended that Levi considers them alike and leaves. Levi wants to go back to play games on his phone but decides that he wants to try playing a bit in the snow together with MC.

"Muscle ache confirmed."

Despite having practiced in VR, Levi's attempts at skiing aren't successful. Then he gives up and MC tries. Depending on MC's choice, he either crashes into MC who can ski well but if they can't ski, Levi is determined to assist them and catch them, even if he's no good either. But as MC speeds up too much, they both fall. Mammon laughs at them from distance but offers to help them learn as well - the most basic thing according to him is being able to stop. He instructs them and Levi tries to follow the instructions but cannot keep his balance.

"Straight ahead!"

Once Levi learnt the basics and all what's left is practice, Mammon leaves as training Levi has worn him out. Levi and MC climb the slope but Levi gets scared - first of the lift, then of the steepness of the slope. He still tries and is glad that it turned out easier than he expected but his relief is premature - he loses control, can't slow down and crashes into MC.

"You can do it if ya try."

MC wakes up after the crash with Levi who just regained consciousness too. During the crash they fell off the course. It's gotten dark and cold too, so Levi wants to go back the same way they got there but the snow covered their tracks. As they attempt to go back to the resort, MC trips and sprains their ankle. If they insist he leaves them behind, Levi tries to cuddle with them for warmth but it's not helping. He remembers he has his skis with him and puts them on to ski down the slope and carry MC back to safety. The adrenaline rush makes him ski like a pro with MC on his back, though he barely avoids a tree. They make it back safely and Levi expresses he wants to try skiing sometime again.

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