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The Award Goes to... - Devilgram.png
The Award Goes to...?
Intimacy: Lucifer Lv. 3
Beelzebub Lv. 5
Card: The Award Goes to...?
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
(one vote)

Story Summary

"I have to record this!"

At RAD, Mammon tells MC to draw a ballot. Lucifer explains that they hold a dance competition at RAD every year, and the winning team is rewarded a pair of glass slippers. Beel continues by saying that since there isn't much enthusiasm for the competition, the participants are chosen by lottery. After everyone had gotten their ballot, it turns out that Beel, Lucifer, and MC were chosen to be participants for the student council. The other brothers, with very triumphant faces, wish them luck. But Lucifer is worried that Beel's first response "I'm hungry," doesn't bode well for their chances.

"Ooh, you can get all close..."

Lucifer, Beel, and MC start practicing in the ballroom in the House of Lamentation. Lucifer explains they have to dance as a team and switch places during the dance-routine. Beel and MC practice first while Lucifer gives instructions. They both feel a bit clueless and Beel feels especially awkward, so Lucifer has to keep telling them to dance closer together. MC can then choose to pull Beel towards them, which startles him, but he likes it, or tell him to come closer. Then Lucifer starts explaining the steps. After practicing for a while, Beel starts to get really hungry so Lucifer tells him to go get himself a meal.

"I'm hungry."

It's Lucifer's turn to practice dancing with MC. He starts explaining what to do and MC can choose to pull him close, which surprises him. He says that is not the proper way to approach their partner, but he starts flirting after that. MC can also stand still and listen, which makes Lucifer think they're not paying attention. They start practicing and MC gets a little clumsy, stepping on his foot. Lucifer doesn't mind, as long as they apologize. And after a while, they both get the hang of dancing together.

"Not bad."

Beel returns, feeling full and happy, but then Lucifer tells him that they have to practice dancing together. MC can look forward to seeing that. They go through the steps and Lucifer has to tell Beel again to dance closer, but Beel says he doesn't seem to be able to. Lucifer says that's the same case for him. MC finds it all very funny to watch. After a while, they both get used to dancing together, which MC finds boring. Lucifer is hopeful for their chances now and says they need to keep practicing. Both Beel and Lucifer want to practice with MC again, and MC can choose either Lucifer or Beel, or to all dance together, to which Lucifer thinks makes them look like mimes.

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