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The Legend of the Stars
Intimacy: Simeon Lv. 7
Card: The Legend of the Stars
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"Our taste in books are quite sim..."

Ever since everyone finished building that planetarium, Simeon became fascinated with constellations. After Satan shared some stories about them, he wished to go the the House of Lamentation's library to know more. MC takes him to the library and Simeon is fascinated by all the books there. He jokes a lot of books there are now also from the Human World thanks to MC's presence and tells them the story he is looking for also comes from the human world: "The legend behind the Star Festival and the star-crossed lovers." He gives a short description of the story and explains despite the heart-wrenching tale he finds the lovers captivating and wishes to know more about the tale. He asks if MC knows more of the tale and if they could help him find more information.

"I see, so that's the legend of..."

They find a book and it appears it has a spell cast upon it where pictures inside will appear as holograms. The story tells how a Princess and a cowherd fell in love and started neglecting their duties, the king punished them by separating them through a river of stars except for one day a year. Simeon expresses sadly that he expected the story to be more romantic than that. He concludes that human stories usually have a moral to them. He understands the desire to put the one you love above everything else. Simeon believes his duties as an angel and the one he loves are equally important to him. Despite this, his ideal relationship for him is one where you're constantly thinking about your partner, even when apart.

"It must be so tough to only mee..."

Simeon thanks MC profusely for their help and is going to ask Satan to borrow the book. He pauses and tells MC that he wouldn't know what he would do if he couldn't ever see MC again, hypothetically speaking. It sounds unbearable to him. MC reassures him nothing like that will ever happen. Simeon promises them if they were ever separated like the star-crossed lovers, that he would never give up on reuniting again. He becomes a bit embarrassed about how serious he was and remembers a tradition of the star festival of writing wishes on strips of paper to hang on bamboo and tells MC he wants to try it with them and they head to MC's room.

"Hand over that strip of paper!"

Simeon and MC both write their wishes on the strips of paper. There isn't any bamboo in the Devildom, so they decide to give the paper to each other to hold onto. Simeon comments on MC's wish and also tells his own. He wishes that their feelings for eachother will never change, that if they ever separated they will always find eachother back. He's enthusiastic that their wishes will come true. He ends up feeling a bit hungry, so he suggests getting something to eat together.

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