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The Search for Self Devilgram.png
The Search for Self
Intimacy: Satan Lv. 5
Card: The Search for Self
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"A tour of the Dev..."

Satan finds MC after classes are over to ask if they have any plans after school. He then asks if they'd like to hang out with him and experience more of the Devildom with Satan as a guide. There are choices to say yes or no, but Satan won't take no for an answer - if MC doesn't want to go, he threatens them with a smile and asks again. Satan comments that he doesn't like to just go straight home after school, and then comes up with an idea of where to take MC first.

"Art? I'm more be..."

Satan brings MC to an art gallery that has both older, historic paintings as well as newer pieces by upcoming artists. According to Satan, the gallery also often hosts interesting events. He asks if MC is interested in art before telling them he loves art and its ability to show one new perspectives and provide inspiration. He believes that art helps one grow as a person. He also offers to come with MC anytime if they feel like visiting again but are nervous about coming alone. The gallery is having a contemporary art exhibit today and one of the pieces is installation art made of ropes and crumbled paper scraps - a modern art depiction of a dragon fighting an army of angels. Or so Satan says, as the piece doesn't make any impression on MC.

"Snacks, ther..."

As Satan and MC leave the art gallery they encounter a cat. MC has several choices of action, mostly worried about the cat's safety, but no matter the decision Satan realizes that MC is concerned he's going to hurt the cat. He explains that he and the cat are acquainted, then feeds it treats that he always carries with him in case he and the cat run into each other. MC asks if the cat has a name so Satan admits that he's named the cat "Sir Cat," which he seems embarrassed about and tells MC they should move on. He demands MC to promise though that they'll keep the cat and the treats in secret. They next visit one of Satan's favorite places: the library. He tells MC they can always ask him about anything they don't know, but he might be busy so MC should come to the library to do research. Satan then tells MC the worst thing they could do is hang around Mammon and Leviathan, because they never attempt to learn new things.

"Well, that's cute..."

Satan shows MC the library's computer for finding books, but as MC tries to look something up, he tells them where to find it as he's looked at every book in the library and remembers where each one is located, so it's faster to just ask him where things are. MC then notices a giant portrait of Lucifer. This prompts Satan to tell MC that he and Lucifer were once the same being, but after being defeated in battle, an unstoppable rage split off from Lucifer which then became Satan. Satan tells MC how he wishes he could be different from Lucifer. MC replies that brothers, even twins, are their own people. Satan thinks of how different Beelzebub and Belphegor are and agrees. The two then return home where they run into Lucifer. Before Lucifer can leave, Satan calls out to him and starts bragging how he spent the entire day with MC and that he's closer to them than Lucifer is now. Lucifer simply replies that he's glad Satan made a friend.

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