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The Threads of Fate
Intimacy: Solomon Lv. 5
Card: The Threads of Fate
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8

Story Summary

"How romantic!"

Asmo and MC go to a café. Asmo says that it seems full and they might not find any free tables. He however spots Solomon who is sitting at a table alone. Solomon invites them to sit with him. Asmo notices it's unusual for Solomon to just go alone to a café, so Solomon explains he's observing couples at the other tables. Asmo flirts with him and offers his company if Solomon is lonely, but Solomon tells him to keep his hands off. He is researching magic as he's trying to make a powder capable of revealing the red thread of fate. MC then can wonder if it exists or ask him if he can see the threads. He cannot, but people would be interested in ways to find their soulmate.

"The combination of magic is rather..."

Asmo points Solomon and MC's attention to a couple nearby, betting they're soulmates since they're completely smitten with each other. However, Solomon's magic powder didn't react to them. In theory, it should react to the bond and show the thread of fate, but likely isn't working properly. Solomon decides to try the next day with stronger powder. Asmo wants to come along too as the experiment is interesting. In school, he asks Solomon about the magic powder itself and Solomon explains how it's made while he's mixing the powders together. However, as Beelzebub enters the classroom lured in by the delicious smell of the powder, a gust of wind blows it.

"What annoying threads."

The magic powder flows to Asmo, making him cough. Beel wants to clean the powder up but Solomon stops him. He notices red threads coming out from Asmo's fingers and breaking one of those might break the bond between him and his soulmate. Instead, he asks Beel and MC to assist him while he nullifies the powder. Beel notices that there are so many red threads coming out from Asmo's hand that it's hard to move. Despite the difficulties in avoiding all the threads, Solomon manages to make an antidote and sprinkles it onto Asmo, who can move again. Solomon decides it's better to lock up the door next time he's working with such a delicate material.

"I wish it were connected to..."

Solomon starts making new powder. Once the powder is done, Solomon offers to sprinkle it onto MC and reassures them that this time he has the nullifier already prepared so there's nothing to worry about. As he sprinkles the powder onto MC, it turns out that their red thread is connected to him. However his happiness is premature, as Beelzebub notes it's not the only thread coming from MC. There's a thread linking MC with him and one with Asmo, as well as many threads leading further. As they follow the threads, it turns out that MC is connected to the rest of the brothers too, with the remaining threads leading too far to check. Solomon comes to the conclusion those are not romantic soulmate connections, but bonds. Though he hopes he'd be able to confirm they are soulmates some day.

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