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A Fun-Filled Day Off
Intimacy: Barbatos Lv. 5
Card: A Fun-Filled Day Off
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"You don't get days off, huh?"

MC visits the Demon Lord's Castle, as Diavolo has made Barbatos take a day off work, but now he needs MC's help. Barbatos has shut himself in his room to work on some task, so Diavolo wants MC to convince him to take a real day off.

MC finds Barbatos in his room cataloging some documents, and when questioned by MC, he argues this small task doesn't count as work, and it's something he'd wanted to get around to, but never found the time until now. MC either asks Barbatos out on a date, or says they want to "hit the town with him." Either way, Barbatos agrees to accompany them, and says he has vouchers for a concert he'd like to attend. He's sure MC will enjoy the pianist's performance, and is happy they'll be coming with him.

"A perfect gentleman."

After the concert is over, Barbatos asks what MC thought. If they're still in awe, Barbatos agrees that a pianist with four arms is impressive. If they comment on the romantic-sounding piece, Barbatos says he heard it was composed in honor of a lost love, and the song resonated with him as well. Next, Barbatos suggests they go shopping, and says he reserved a private session for them at a new boutique.

At the shop, Barbatos enjoys choosing various outfits for MC to try, and insists on purchasing one of them. MC either comments that it feels like they're the only one benefiting, or asks if Barbatos wants anything. Regardless, Barbatos insists that treating MC is more than enough for him, but feels that "something is lacking," so suggests visiting the jewelry store next door. Once there, he purchases a necklace for MC.

"He's not relaxing at all..."

With their shopping over, Barbatos and MC decide to return to Cocytus Hall, though he's surprised once they're there to see MC in high spirits. MC explains either that now it's their turn to pamper Barbatos, or that now it's his turn to relax. Unfortunately, MC realizes they're missing a key ingredient for the meal they wanted to cook for him.

MC insists that Barbatos stay and relax while they run out and buy said missing ingredient. Barbatos agrees, but when MC returns, finds that he had cleaned the kitchen and made a batch of cookies while they were gone. He gives MC some cookies and pours them tea he also made, but MC then either accuses Barbatos of not resting at all, or realizes they've been caught up in his pace again.

"Nice chance for a photo."

Barbatos realizes MC wanted him to relax instead of serving them, but Barbatos argues he finds attending others to be soothing, and that he isn't tired at all. He insists that he enjoys being of use to MC, then asks if he can assist MC with the cooking, as it will allow him to spend more time with them. The two make a lava gratin together, and while waiting for the dish to finish baking, they rest in the common room.

Barbatos then notices MC seems down. MC either says they didn't do much for Barbatos, or that they wanted to make things more relaxing for him. Either way, Barbatos assures MC the thought is more than enough, but then asks MC keep his next request secret. He asks if he can rest his head on MC's shoulder, to which MC says he can, and then MC can either hold his hand, or kiss his forehead.

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