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A Gift From the Cold Snap
Intimacy: Luke Lv. 5
Card: A Gift From the Cold Snap
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"I want some hot milk."

At Luke's request, MC visits him at Purgatory Hall. It's cold outside so once they get to his room, Luke offers them some warm milk and blankets to bundle up in. According to Luke, it will continue to be cold for at least another week. Luke thinks the cold has made a bunch of things super inconvenient; however, he is still excited to show MC something cool he found. Luke brings MC a fruit and tells them that he found in town.

"I want hot milk too!"

Luke tells MC that the fruit he found is called a "snowman's sigh" and that it's only seen during cold snaps. MC can comment that they're not a fan of the name, and Luke agrees with them. However, he still thinks the fruit is beautiful to look at. If they ask what it tastes like, Luke explains that he doesn't know but that he wants to find out. MC and Luke cut open and share the fruit. The inside is clear and has a jelly-like texture. Luke wonders out loud if something will happen once he eats it. When either Luke or MC bite into the fruit, Luke is surprised that steam starts coming out of their mouths. The steam begins to condense and Luke excitedly points out that it has crystallized into ice. After seeing this, Luke declares that they should eat more of the fruit.

"There were some snowflak..."

Luke admires the ice crystals that have built up inside his room, excited that he can see his and MC's reflections. MC and Luke can talk about how hard it will be to clean up his room or eat more fruit. Then the ice crystals start to glow. MC and Luke can admire the beautiful light together, or, if MC asks if the crystals will explode, come up with a plan of what they'll do if something happens.

"The room is a mess."

After the crystals' light has grown stronger, Luke and MC find that they aren't in Luke's room anymore. Instead, they are surrounded by what looks like the starry night sky. Luke thinks the scenery is beautiful but it is also very cold because they are surrounded by ice. MC can offer to share a blanket with Luke or suggest that they exercise in order to keep warm. Afterward, Luke wonders out loud how long the ice crystals are going to last and that's when he realizes that the light is fading. The room goes back to normal and the crystals have turned into more fruits. Luke briefly questions how this is possible but is more interested in the fact that now they have plenty to share with Solomon and Simeon. MC thinks there are too many fruits which they mention to Luke. Luke either agrees and says they should probably eat the others outside, or decides that he can give the rest to Beelzebub. Luke also tells MC that they're welcome to stay for supper because now he wants something more filling than just fruit.

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