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Story Summary

Note: This Devilgram's story content is identical in both "Obey Me!" and "Nightbringer."

"I also want to meet them!"

At the House of Lamentation, Barbatos has baked some gingerbread cookies to share with Asmodeus, Satan, and MC. However, MC is apprehensive about eating them because there is a rumor going around about gingerbread men coming to life and running loose. Asmodeus asks if Barbatos thinks the rumors are true, but Barbatos assures them that the cookies are not alive. Barbatos and Satan wonder if the gingerbread men might be some kind of prank. MC becomes determined to find out the truth. Barbatos says that the gingerbread men are likely to appear where there is Christmas spirit, so Asmodeus suggests they put up some decorations.

"Decorating it seems fun."

In the entrance hall, MC shows Satan, Asmodeus, and Barbatos a Christmas tree they bought. The three of them are happy that it's so big, and they each brought plenty of ornaments to decorate it with. MC can choose one of three ornaments to hang up first. Each demon is pleased if MC picks their ornament. After they're done decorating the tree, they notice something moving around near the top of the tree.

"Tricky but cute, right?"

It is indeed a gingerbread man and they notice that there are more of them. Much to the group's displeasure, the gingerbread are stealing the Christmas tree ornaments. Before any of the demons can stop them, the gingerbread men run off with the decorations. Satan, Asmodeus, Barbatos, and MC chase after the gingerbread men, but end up losing track of them. MC can suggest to keep decorating in order to lure them out or suggest waiting them out. The three demons are happy with MC's idea and decide to continue decorating.

"Hopefully we meet again."

The four of them move to the kitchen to bake some cookies. Barbatos prepares the dough and shows the others some cookie cutters they can use once the cookies come out of the oven. Satan notices that the gingerbread men have returned and that they still have the ornaments. The gingerbread are jumping up and down, so MC can ask if the gingerbread want to help or suggest that they are cannibals. The gingerbread men want to help with the cookies, so Barbatos asks them to return the ornaments first. The gingerbread men agree so Asmodeus shows them how to use the cookie cutters. During their Christmas party, the demons give the gingerbread men some of the cookies as a gift. The gingerbread men take the cookies to put them under the tree and the group notices that the gingerbread men have now returned to their original state. The group decides to continue partying in honor of the gingerbread.

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