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A Roll of the Dice Devilgram.png
A Roll of the Dice
Intimacy: Lucifer Lv. 7
Card: A Roll of the Dice
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"Can anyone beat Lucifer?"

MC and Lucifer have to work as a dealer, because Mammon used them as a collateral when he was gambling. Lucifer explains that every game in the casino involves magic, and that there are unconventional rules, but he'll teach MC the ropes. The first game is "Fire and Frost," in which the players place bets on either "fire" or "frost." The the dealer tosses an enchanted ball, and either flames will erupt, or snow will fall from it. If it produces flames, anyone who bet on "fire" wins, and if snow falls, anyone who bet on "frost" wins. Lucifer asks MC if it's going to be Frost or Fire, and whichever they bet, the right answer ends up being fire.

"It's no fun if the dealer alwa..."

Next, Lucifer and MC approach a roulette wheel aptly named "Devil's Roulette." Lucifer introduces the key difference between Devil's Roulette and normal roulette is that the ball will start moving on its own using magic. MC can ask if the ball is sentient, and Lucifer will dismiss the assumption, noting that if the ball were sentient, then the game wouldn't be fair. Lucifer describes the options for betting from least profitable to most profitable: by guessing the color, number, or both color and number correctly. MC can choose to bet safely and either pick the options red or black. Red becomes the winning color and Lucifer will either commend MC's luckiness or failure. MC can also choose to bet riskily and pick either 7 red or 7 black. If MC chooses the winning bet of 7 black, then Lucifer will warn MC not to let beginners' luck lead to overconfidence.

"And he's lucky too?"

Lucifer guides MC through more rules surrounding work at the casino, and notes that creating a lively atmosphere for the guests is important. Lucifer showcases the special effects provided by the casino to aid in creating an exciting atmosphere. With a wave of his hands, a myriad of visual effects - including flower petals and playing cards - are tossed into the air. Lucifer mentions that the command can be altered to add custom elements, and MC can either admire with delight, or negatively comment about the required future clean-up. As they get ready for opening night, Lucifer warns MC of the casino's unconventional rule. Guests are allowed to wager whatever they'd like, other than money, and Lucifer scolds an unnamed individual who engaged with that exact rule and created the situation that MC and Lucifer are currently forced into. Lucifer reminds MC not to accept any outlandish bets when attending to the guests.

"Looking fly, Lucifer ♡"

Lucifer informs MC of a previous bet that Mammon had made with the casino's owner. Mammon had risked a month's stay at the House of Lamentation for a month's full access to the VIP lounge at The Fall. The owner expects Lucifer to play in his place as Mammon is unavailable. Lucifer brings MC to bet alongside him, and explains the rules of the wagered game, Devil Dice. A dice is rolled and a player can either bet on an even, odd, or exact number. There's no upper limit for whichever number could appear, and their wager against the owner forces them to pick a precise number. They choose the number 666, and claim victory. Mammon strides in after the bet is finished and claims the victory to be his, though Lucifer quickly shuts down his enthusiasm.

Later, Lucifer invites MC to their rightfully earned VIP lounge and offers to play one last round with a leftover devil die. MC can either play for a kiss from Lucifer or a lavish dinner. If they choose the former, then they receive Lucifer's kiss without the needless gamble. If they choose the latter and win, then Lucifer will uphold his promise to treat MC to dinner, and vice-versa if MC loses.

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