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Story Summary

Note: This Devilgram's story content is identical in both "Obey Me!" and "Nightbringer."

"We need to keep things tidy."

Simeon and Raphael are finished cleaning up after dinner and ask MC if there's another task they should do. MC wants them to clean up the leaves outside the inn, so the three of them go outside. Simeon starts raking the leaves, but notices that the leaves seem to be dodging him. When MC and Raphael try to sweep them up, they leaves also dodge their brooms as if they're alive.

"The leaves can move? Amazing!"

Simeon remembers that Barbatos told him that the trees growing around the inn were magical and Raphael realizes that the leaves don't want to be swept up. MC wants to try cornering the leaves but even after chasing the leaves around, the group still fails to rake them up. Simeon decides that maybe they can distract the leaves, so he goes to get some supplies.

"What a quaint scene."

Simeon returns to MC and Raphael with some baked goods to try and lure them. To their surprise, the plan works and Raphael and MC manage to sweep the leaves into the dustpan. The three tidy up around the inn and then decide to move to the next area that needs sweeping.

"I want to hear them too ♡"

In another area, Simeon notices that their previous plan isn't working anymore, so Raphael decides to sing as a way to lure the leaves instead. MC can suggest Simeon sing as well, so he does and they are pleased to notice that the leaves start dancing. Simeon invites MC to sing with them as they rake the leaves and pretty soon, they are done cleaning. This is slightly disappointing at first, however, Simeon decides that they can sing for Satan and the others back at the inn instead.

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