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Story Summary

Note: This Devilgram's story content is identical in both "Obey Me!" and "Nightbringer."

"Of course Barbatos wou..."

At RAD, Beelzebub talks about the large tree in the courtyard decorated with ornaments for Christmas with MC. Barbatos interrupts their conversion with urgency to talk to MC and he apologizes for rudely intruding on their conversation. The next day, MC accompanies Barbatos as he recaps what they had conversed about the day before. Since the town had recently hosted Christmas-themed festivities, certain "sealed" individuals have been causing trouble in response to the atmosphere. Though Barbatos cannot clearly describe the origins of the anomalies, the problems caused by these "sealed" entities -- which range from simple pranks to outright chaos -- must be promptly dealt with. Barbatos expresses gratitude for MC accompanying him and suggests for MC to stay close while he holds candles to light the way forward.

"No way I'd do that!"

As Barbatos and MC explore the graveyard, Barbatos suggests to exercise caution and MC can either hold his hand or cling onto his arm. While Barbatos expresses uncertainty for the lack of supernatural phenomenon, MC can alert Barbatos of either a noise or a moving tombstone. Barbatos quickly remedies the situation by lighting a separate candle for the tombstone and concludes that the residents of the graveyard simply wanted a sample of the Christmas festivities.

"That food looks good..."

MC and Barbatos continue traveling the sacred grounds while lighting candles to appease the supernatural. He comments on the romantic atmosphere provided by the candlelight while they walk in the dark. Barbatos notes that if they hadn't gone to visit these locations brewing with magical power, then something trifling would arise on Christmas Day. After chatting together for a while, the duo finally manage to finish their mission and Barbatos requests for some of MC's time on Christmas. On the respective day, Barbatos presents a seasonal feast of Devildom delicacies and begins with a celebratory toast. MC can compliment either Barbatos's black tapir stew -- which was set to simmer for an entire day -- or whole-roasted cockatrice -- where Barbatos will quote that he had made the dish to mimic traditional fowl served in the Human World. After MC finishes their meal, Barbatos proposes one last surprise for them which will be hosted at a different location.

"What a mood!"

Barbatos brings MC to an empty ballroom where MC becomes suspicious of the barren space. Barbatos finally unveils a glamorous floating candlelight display and matching festive attire as his surprise for MC. Depending on MC's remark will Barbatos respond by summoning more candles to his side or reveal that his true intention behind creating the surprise was to see their smile. He notes that although the candles will burn out eventually, they should fully enjoy the display while they can. MC can either comment on the lasting candles or the scenery affecting the tea as Barbatos serves the brew. Depending on their choice, Barbatos will either reply with previous doubt that the candles would last as long, or quote the candlelight's presence creates a unique tea drinking experience. As MC thanks Barbatos for the simple yet whimsical display, Barbatos wishes that he could spend the Christmas next year together with MC as well.

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