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Adam is a human who became lost in the Devildom while searching for his lost love. He was introduced in Lesson 8-13 of Nightbringer's Main Story.


Note: this section may include spoilers.

Main Story and Events[edit]

After Mammon had invited MC and the other brothers save Lucifer to exterminate an evil spirit seen at the mausoleum, MC found a tomb with an inscription written in a Human World language that said "Adam" and "I'm waiting for you." After a flash of light, the spirit of Adam possessed Mammon's body, and told MC he had been waiting to meet with the person that would call out his name.

He explained that he was a human that became lost in the Devildom while searching for his lost love, but was found by a demon that called himself Nightbringer. He begged Nightbringer to take him to his lost love, but Nightbringer could not, and instead brought Adam to where he would meet someone that could reunite Adam with his love.

He knows MC is who he waited for, because MC called out his name, and because MC possessed the Ring of Light. MC then used the pacts they once had with the brothers to absorb their power, and opened the gates to the Celestial Realm so Adam could reunite with his love.

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