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After-Party Devilgram.png
Intimacy: Diavolo Lv. 7
Card: After-Party
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"Thank you for helping tidy..."

After MC's celebration party, Diavolo volunteers to clean up the aftermath. Asmodeus questions if Barbatos or Lucifer would allow this, and Diavolo says not to worry, since he insists on helping, though it does bother him that the guest of honor is lending them a hand. When MC says they don't mind, Diavolo praises their kind spirit. Asmodeus then leaves after Lucifer calls for him. Diavolo and MC start by carrying some boxes up to the attic. Diavolo mentions how happy he felt during the party when everyone treated him as their equal rather than their prince, and that happiness persists even when he's cleaning up.

"My Demonus..."

Asmodeus returns, and is surprised by how much Diavolo and MC got done. The three then get back to cleaning. When they finish, Asmodeus rewards Diavolo with some Demonus left over from the party, and MC with the promise to heal their body. MC declines Asmodeus, since they already have plans with Diavolo later.

"I'll prepare a change of cl..."

Diavolo brings MC to the Demon Lord's Castle to try out the Demonus Asmodeus gave them. When Diavolo opens it, the bottle explodes on both him and MC. After cleaning up, they question why the Demonus exploded, but proceed to toast with it anyway.

"Urgh, this is such a normie..."

Diavolo and MC enjoy the Demonus, while making small talk together. Diavolo then suggests a game they could play, where they ask each other a series of questions and see how many of their answers are the same. Diavolo starts by asking where he and MC first met. After a few rounds, Diavolo asks if there's a person MC treasures sitting in front of them. MC can choose to say they either treasure Diavolo or everyone. When they drink almost all the Demonus, MC will have the option to talk with Diavolo more, or to kiss him. Diavolo then will ask MC if they wish to go home or stay with him longer, drinking extra Demonus he had stashed away.

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