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Be You Devilgram.png
Be You
Intimacy: Satan Lv. 4
Card: Be You
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"Everybody's toge..."

Asmo asks Satan where he is going during dinner. Satan answers that he wants to eat his dessert in the music room while watching a movie. The brothers think that is a good idea and all head there. They then start discussing about the movie to watch: Mammon wants some action, Levi wants to watch a documentary of a girl band, and Asmo wants something romantic, to which Mammon objects. Beel just wants popcorn and Lucifer doesn't care as long as he can fall asleep to it.

"Wait. THAT'S sca..."

Satan states that as expected, all the brothers have a typical taste that suits their personality. The brothers ask Satan what he would like to watch, but when put on the spot, he doesn't really know. Levi is surprised as he thought horror was Satan's taste, but Mammon says that nothing in a horror movie is really scary for Satan. That makes Asmo want to play a game of questions: What is the scariest thing for each of them? Lucifer immediately replies: dying and going back to the Celestial Realm. Mammon is scared of the word "debt". Levi is scared of normies, Asmo says he's scared of himself, and Beel claims to be scared of cake. The brothers obviously don't believe that and Beel then admits he's scared of bad cooking.

"Satan's personali..."

Again, Satan says that the answers they give are typical for their personalities. Mammon asks why Satan isn't answering the questions himself, but Satan says that he honestly can't think of anything. He thinks he has very little personality compared to the others. Asmo and Levi tell him that is nonsense and that Satan has plenty of personality. Satan then asks the others what they think defines him, and Levi says that he is average out of all of them, but that is like rubbing salt in his wounds, according to Mammon. Satan laughs at their attempts to define him, but is actually a bit sad about it, because nothing about him seems to be really unique.

"Who's lackin' pe..."

Satan wonders if he should invent a personality, but Levi says that's nonsense. Lucifer says that Satan should think of something that made him really mad once. The brothers look forward to a story, so Satan starts recounting something that happened recently: A kid in the human world stepped up and smiled at him, so Satan smiled back, but the kid started screaming and his parents rushed to rescue him, calling Satan a creep. While he tells this story, the wrath comes back and Satan starts transforming into his demon form. All brothers take cover as Satan shows how he reacted to the false accusation, to which Satan seems embarrassed about and asks if he might have used too much force on the humans. Lucifer reassures him that at least he showed who he is, and that's a good thing. Right?

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