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Beel's Boot Camp Devilgram.png
Beel's Boot Camp
Intimacy: Leviathan Lv. 6
Beelzebub Lv. 8
Card: Beel's Boot Camp
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"I'm glad he's be..."

Leviathan has recovered from the injury he got in Strongest of Them All, but Satan and Mammon still make fun of him because of that. Asmodeus joins in, and - out of concern, as he claims - warns Levi that back injuries tend to relapse and for someone so weak it's likely. Levi gets angry that his brothers are always only waiting for something bad happen to him to laugh at him.

"This could get ba..."

Lucifer walks up and comments on Leviathan's back problems too, saying that only lower-level demons get such injuries and threatens to degrade him to a lower-level demon if he stays so weak. Levi goes back to his room and confirms in the internet that back injuries tend to come back. He talks to his fish (Henry 2.0) that while the others are just annoying and he isn't bothered that much by the treatment, Lucifer always knows where to hit to hurt him. He decides to start working out and get in shape.

"There has to be s..."

Leviathan tries to find easy and quick ways to get ripped, but finds nothing - so he asks Beelzebub for tips. Since Beel is surprised that Levi out of all people is interested in working out, Levi claims he's asking for a friend. Beel doesn't believe him as he doesn't have any friends, which Levi refutes by claiming he's got many friends online. Levi still admits it's for him, but says that's because his favourite idol shared that ripped hard bodies are her type and that's why. Beel admits it's something a crazed fans would indeed do for the idol, but ultimately still doesn't believe Levi. Beel still thinks it's a good thing that Levi wants to get in shape so he agrees to help and comes to the conclusion that the best would be if Levi simply did the same workout schedule with him.

"My body can't take i..."

Next morning, Beelzebub wakes Leviathan early in the morning for the jog around the town. Only one lap since Beel adjusts to Levi's abilities, then they eat a big breakfast and do some weightlifting. After school Beel takes Levi to the team training - drills of 100 sprints. Levi manages only 10 before collapsing and can't move anymore, so Beel carries him back home. In the entrance hall they're spotted by Satan, Mammon, and Asmodeus who make fun of Levi again. Asmo snaps a photo of Levi being carried. After carrying Levi back to his room, Beel says he'll be back next morning. Facing the possibility of yet another day like this, Levi gives up on the training.

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