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Caves Require Caution Devilgram.png
Caves Require Caution
Intimacy: Satan Lv. 7
Card: Caves Require Caution
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"Preparation is important."

Mammon and Leviathan excitedly decide to go swimming. Satan reminds them to warm up first but Asmodeus changes the subject, praising Satan for his excellent build despite being a "bookworm." MC can then choose to touch Satan's abs while Asmodeus teases him for blushing and takes a photo. Asmodeus wants to upload the shot to Devilgram but Satan refuses, wanting Asmodeus to delete the photo but Asmodeus refuses and runs away. Satan gives chase but Asmodeus splashes him with water. It soon escalates into a water fight.

"It looks like fun!"

Satan asks MC to back him up in the fight but Asmodeus quickly calls on MC as well. If MC chooses Satan, Asmodeus gets angry at the unfair fight while Satan gives instructions on how to corner Asmodeus. Mammon and Leviathan sees their water fight and quickly join in, turning it into a free-for-all when Mammon pulls out his ultimate weapon, water balloons! Leviathan gets angry and starts flinging balloons about, nearly hitting MC. Satan saves MC just in time while Asmodeus pulls out twin water blasters. Satan decides he has had enough and escapes with MC.

"Ugh, the dampness."

Satan decides they have gone far enough and stops at a little cave he found the last time he was at Diavolo's beach. He tells MC only he knows the location and that they are finally alone with no more interruptions. He declares his exhaustion - his brothers always take such games too seriously and sits down, asking MC to sit with him. As the rock is small, MC will have to squeeze in close beside him. Satan offers his shoulder for MC to rest their head. MC can then lean against him as Satan declares their touch to be calming for him. He then confides that he finds MC stunning in their swimsuit and that spending time with MC has been the highlight of the trip for him. Just then, Satan suddenly notices the exit has disappeared.

"Satan knows."

Satan realizes the tide has come in; the cave entrance is submerged, leaving them stranded. Satan notes the tides ebb and flow in cycles - they have no choice but to stay together for six hours til next cycle. To distract MC, Satan points out the sunset but notes the temperature will drop as it gets darker. MC is human and would be affected so they huddle together for warmth. Satan notes MC's rapid heartbeat. MC can choose to deny it and Satan will tease them for blushing just as his D.D.D. rings. Mammon had discovered MC and Satan are missing and called his brother. Satan tells Mammon they need help. Satan expresses to MC regret as their time together ends. Mammon and Asmodeus come to the rescue on jet skis. Asmodeus accuses Satan of planning the entire incident and Mammon, incensed, forbids Satan from sharing his jet ski, to Satan's dismay.

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