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Firefighters in Training Devilgram.png
Firefighters in Training
Intimacy: Lucifer Lv. 3
Mammon Lv. 3
Barbatos Lv. 5
Card: Firefighters in Training
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10

Story Summary

"No fire incidents would b..."

During the Worker Appreciation Week and the firefighter training, Mammon is bored that there's no real action. Barbatos however believes that it would be for the best, if there were no fires. Mammon notices that Lucifer has been talking to the fire chief for a long time, but as he expresses he'd prefer him to never come back, Lucifer shows up. He tells the three that he's gotten permission for them to go into the field. Mammon is happy, but Lucifer doubts his competence. Their talk is cut by an alarm that calls them to action.

"Lucifer isn't flammable?"

When Lucifer, Mammon, Barbatos and MC arrive at the restaurant they were called to, it turns out it was a false alarm. Mammon slips that the alarm stressed him, to which MC can tease him. Lucifer admits that the alarm put him on edge too, but ultimately he and Barbatos decidedly would prefer if nothing happened. The four of them return to the station.

"Don't underestimate Bar..."

At the station, Mammon complains about being bored - during training there was something to do, but staying on standby is difficult for him. So he comes up with an idea to try some entertainment - a card game. He suggests poker. Lucifer doesn't want to play, but MC and Barbatos join Mammon. Barbatos wins with royal flush, but as Mammon is complaining and claiming that Barbatos must have cheated, the siren goes off again.

"I want to be the very be..."

As MC, Lucifer, Barbatos and Mammon arrive at the scene, they encounter a big fire that regular firefighters are already trying to extinguish. As amateurs, the four need to contain minor hotspots where the fire has spread from sparks and jump to action. Since the biggest fire needed all the hoses, all that's left are buckets, so they form a line to pass buckets. Mammon is disappointed as he expected something more spectacular, but still the four of them coordinate their action perfectly, passing the buckets to MC who throws the water onto fire. Once the fire is contained and the four have finished their task, all feel exhausted but accomplished and even Mammon admits that working isn't that bad once in a while. Before they all return to the station, much to Mammon's despair, the three demons praise MC for their performance in action.

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