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Let's Bake a Cake! Devilgram.png
Let's Bake a Cake!
Intimacy: Lucifer Lv. 3
Luke Lv. 5
Card: Let's Bake a Cake!
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"Shall I help too?"

Luke comes to the House of Lamentation asking if MC would like to bake a chocolate cake with him. Lucifer appears after hearing his voice, and asks what's with the huge amount of chocolate he has. Luke explains that Simeon and Solomon received so much chocolate that he figured he may as well make a chocolate cake. He then invites Lucifer to join them, who accepts.

"Very skillful."

Luke instructs MC and Lucifer to chop up the chocolate, which the latter has already done. Luke, taken aback, then moves on to beating the egg whites, which Lucifer has already started doing. Luke is confused at how Lucifer is so good at baking for someone who doesn't usually do it, and instructs MC to prepare the whipped cream, while he melts the chocolate. Lucifer tells MC to place the bowl in ice water, explaining that it's more difficult than it seems, then tries to do it himself. MC has the option to refuse or let him do it.

"Do your best, Luke!"

Lucifer asks MC to pass their work onto him, irritating Luke, who abruptly growls. Luke jumps in to take over MC's work as well, and Lucifer assures him that there is no need to be threatened. Luke denies feeling threatened, prompting Lucifer to tease him about feeling left out. Luke then admits that he wanted to show that he could be helpful, but compared to Mr. Perfect, he wasn't much help. MC can either comfort Luke or tell Lucifer to do it.


The cake is finished, and Luke hands out some extras to Lucifer and MC. After tasting it, Lucifer freezes, and exclaims that it's one of the best he's had. Luke tells him that that was expected. However, he concedes that Simeon and Barbatos can make it better. Luke laments that they can do everything better than him, and Lucifer tells him that even though being skilled at everything is nice, it would be better to have one thing you know you're best at. Luke responds that it's easy for Lucifer to say that, since he's the best at everything, to which Lucifer agrees. Luke tells him that humility is a virtue, but thanks him nonetheless. MC can then either compare them to brothers or father and son. Later on, as Lucifer prepares to present the cake to everyone, they find out the cake disappeared.

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