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Lucifer's Lover
Intimacy: Lucifer Lv. 7
Card: Lucifer's Lover
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10

Story Summary

"This will be interesting!"

Lucifer is late for a meeting for a periodical update on how MC's exchange program is going. When Lucifer finally arrives, he refuses to explain the reason, but Barbatos knows the answer: Lucifer was mobbed by countless girls out in the hall. The situation is getting out of hand and starts interfering with his duties, but since Lucifer cannot resolve this himself, Diavolo suggests that Lucifer should find a lover - a fake one. Lucifer decides that MC will play this role.

"I definitely don't feel like sleep..."

Later in the classroom, Belphegor and Leviathan discuss the news that Levi heard from Barbatos about MC and Lucifer dating. They don't want to believe it, and ask MC if it's a lie. Lucifer comes and scolds MC for talking to other men, and tells his brothers to keep their hands off MC. Leviathan and Belphegor are both shocked and heartbroken by the revelation and Lucifer and MC leave the classroom. Lucifer explains to MC that to make the fake dating effective, they have to deceive those who are close to them first.

"I'll do it!"

One of the brothers is spreading the rumor that Lucifer and MC are dating, and as a result, the harassment stopped completely. Lucifer is very pleased with how effective the fake dating proved to be, but warns MC that his brothers are the biggest concern. If any of them figures things out, they'll bring the news to the school and the plan will fail.

Lucifer feels that someone is looking at them, who turns out to be Mammon. He puts on a show by complimenting MC's lips and telling MC that they're his. They then part ways, and Asmodeus comes to MC to check whether the gossip is true. Asmo wants to kiss MC, as it would let him know what kind of relationship they have with Lucifer.

"Is it all a lie? IS IT TRUE?!"

Asmodeus claims that if MC and Lucifer are really dating and have kissed, then MC shouldn't see a problem in kissing him, too. He's interrupted by Lucifer, however, who shows up in his demon form and shoos him away. Lucifer takes MC outside and calls the fake dating off. The situation with Asmo made him realize how much trouble this situation could cause MC. He apologizes, and decides to inform Diavolo and his brothers about it.

After Lucifer explains the situation to his brothers, he wants to talk to MC alone. He confesses that he's been thinking since their last conversation, and came to the conclusion that he wants to date MC for real. If MC accepts, they can kiss him, hug him, or hold his hand. If MC declines, then Asmo volunteers to fake-date Lucifer, which he immediately refuses.

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