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Lucifer's Private Life
Intimacy: Lucifer Lv. 4
Card: Lucifer's Private Life
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8

Story Summary

"He's TOTALLY hiding..."

Lucifer is looking at his D.D.D. and Asmodeus finds that unusual. He asks Lucifer why he was grinning at his phone during breakfast, wondering if he has a date. Lucifer denies this, stating that it was merely a message from a friend. Later at RAD, Mammon catches him smirking at another message. Lucifer has apparently been smiling at his phone all day, which Mammon finds suspicious, and he concludes that Lucifer is hiding something. When Lucifer leaves the classroom, Mammon follows him with MC in tow.

"That's for me, I..."

Mammon — hoping to discover something to blackmail Lucifer with — and MC follow Lucifer into a shop. Mammon recognizes the store as that of a new fragrance-based branch of Majolish. He and the MC eavesdrop on Lucifer's exchange with a clerk. Lucifer asks the clerk for a recommendation and urges her to pick one for him to avoid his preferential bias. Eventually, Lucifer picks a popular product and asks for several other varieties as well to be gift-wrapped. Hearing that it's a gift, Mammon is shocked and he concludes that Asmodeus was right about Lucifer having a date. He now decides to find out who it is.

"I ain't givin' u..."

Lucifer is spotted leaving the house, despite the clock approaching dinnertime. Mammon whispers to MC noting his change of cologne. Lucifer addresses Mammon, warning him not to follow him again. Though fearful for his life, Mammon takes MC and follows Lucifer to The Fall anyway. Mammon, however, is barred from entry due to an unpaid tab. Lord Diavolo then appears and, catching on to Mammon's antics, leads the two inside.

"Turned out f..."

Inside the club, Lucifer is furious to see Mammon. Diavolo is about to correct Mammon's suspicions about a date when Barbatos arrives and he and Lucifer wish him a happy birthday. The thing Lucifer has been staring at his phone over, seemingly looking forward to, was a surprise party for Barbatos planned by Diavolo, and the gift that he purchased was for the occasion. Lucifer apologizes to Barbatos and Diavolo for Mammon's intrusion, but the two are not at all bothered. Barbatos reveals he quite enjoys lively parties, so Lucifer livens up the club and offers to cover everyone's drinks for the night.

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